New Grower Seedlings Look Different

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New grower here and ive spent a ton of time reading and learning from here! I germenated 2 Zkittles seeds from ilgm last Sunday and they both popped on Monday so theyre 8 days old now. One is showing some discoluring and the other appears to be fine. Im using co co and just transplanted them to that 2 days ago and started feeding them at 25% nutes since theyre so young and since it doesnt look like im supposed to be feeding them yet it hasnt corrected the discolored plant yet. Lights are about 12 inches away 150w running for 24 hours a day currently. Should i stop giving nutes or do i need to give more? Ive Inculded a picture of both for comparison… thank you in advance for any help!

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The cotyledon (little round) leaves have the nutrients a seedling needs. I’m not a coco grower, but I would think it wouldn’t be necessary to feed until the cotyledons are depleted.


@MidwestGuy thank you! Any idea on why the one is discolored compared to the other? Does it just happen or should i be trying to figure out why? The other one is so pretty and green…

Plants rarely grow exactly the same, even if of the same strain. The only real difference between the strains is cannabinoid content and terpine profiles.


Same strain, light, water, darkness, broke surface at the same time…etc etc.

I mean everything is identical. Genetics at its finest. The small one is a lot bigger now.


@JustNikki Welcome!! Congrats on your new babies!! Stay the course and you’ll get through this. The first few weeks is like max anxiety I know. Hopefully the light feeding you’ve given will jump start that one and get you to a greener place real soon!!


I’m with @MidwestGuy I think your gonna be fine. I watch the cotys and feed when they start turning. In case you didn’t know those round leaves are the seedling’s food for the first couple of weeks. :v::call_me_hand:


I forgot to ask what’s the ph of your water/feed ?

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@Dman1969 its around 5.8-6ph i dont have an elctronic ph reader juat the drops :see_no_evil: but im trying to keep it just under 6 because from what ive read coco likes it slightly lower… im hoping this applies to seedlings too?

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Your spot on! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


This is stressful! I think i’m doing something wrong… i adjusted light up this morning thinking maybe theyre to close to light? Went from approx 12 inches to 18 inches now… lights are running 24/7 any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated… the leaves on the 2nd plant that showed no discoloration last week are now curling under im trying to search what that meams and not having a ton of luck.

@MidwestGuy @Fieldofdreams @Dman1969 @MrPeat…

Should i just transplant to ffof or keep in coco?

That’s a judgement you’ll have to make based on preference. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

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@JustNikki I’ve only grown in soil, FF soils are highly regarded in here. Are you giving the seedlings any nutes yet? I believe coco is void of anything for the plant and that you have to tend to them each day.

The first pic shows the leaves curling under, that may be overwatering possibly. There’s just so many variables.


I don’t do Coco. I use Fox Farm products exclusively. If its brand new FFOF, I would use a buffer between the seedling and the hot soil of FFOF. This will allow up to 6 weeks before you need to feed. If the plant is big, it can drain the nutrients in 4 weeks above ground.

Sativa dominants always drain the nutrients fast vs my Indica dominant a which I have used for the 3rd time of the same soil. Plant was hungry so I started to feed both of my girls.

I do know with Coco you have to start feeding real fast or they will go down hill. Coco pH sweet spot is 5.8 and FFOF is 6.5 pH.

18 days old and starting to look better i was able to stop the browning by feeding ph balanced water only and i placed them outside… the 3rd leaves are forming with little browning on them! Hoping these still have a chance to grow big and strong!


Are you feeding them yet? That kinda looks like nute burn :fire: if not they may be starving. And how much are you watering when you water