What is this single "sack" I'm seeing?

My photo unsexed seed veg cycle has been complicated by too much light, I believe. (This is my first grow). I put two 260W Quantum LED’s in a 4x4 tent, set them at full power about 8" over the seedlings on an 18/6 cycle. Felt cool enough on my hand. Humidity about 60%, temp 74f. Started off gangbusters. Then got VERY dark color and leaf curl. I second guessed everything. Contacted both HyGrow about lights and SoHum about the living soil I chose. Apparently too much light too close. Adjusted 8 days ago. Better, but they seem to be somewhat stunted (growing slow and not looking perky) at 65 days of vegging. Have stopped all trimming for “recovery”. Holding off flipping cycle to try and get some more growth. Considering adding some Happy Frog, although the SoHum is supposed to last this long, but I’m pushing it based on their charts.

Help Please. @Cannabian @Hellraiser @MrPeat or whomever. The two pictures puzzle me. I have seen pistles and confirmed females. Have discarded one obvious male so far. Several have not given me any clear sign. Then this.

The plants were stressed, I think. Might this be a “herme”? Bear in mind I am still on an 18/6 cycle.

I’ll add some current photos when lights are back on tomorrow.

O thats without a doubt a pollen sac… and its opened. Your area has been dusted…

Do you have pistils showing anywhere? Might just be a male period


No pistils on this plant. I had really thought that males exhibited numerous sacks, hence my screw up. But ratz, So the tent has been dusted. Guess I have to figure out whether to keep this grow going, or abort. I appreciate your answering.

That is a male and now the tent needs a serious scrub.


Ok you summoned me. That is a dood and it grenaded your grow room. Before you attempt to flower a plant in there, turn the light off, unplug it from the wall, spray everything down woth a 2 percent bleach solution until its sparkling clean. If you have a cloth filter on your filter wash it. Clean the light entirely, clean the fan like a rifle ready for military inspection. Indoors, doods are a big fu.k no unless you have a breeding room. Better luck next time!

Hi @MrPeat. Would one assume that all females in the tent are pollenated? Scrub and then put the females back in? And is there any particular way to do a “serious scrub” for this?

If they are in flower then yes, however if the flowers are not mature enough to be pollenated maybe not? You can spray them down with water as water kills pollen. You will need to do this a couple times and completely! You should do this regardless of them being in flower or not. The room still requires a complete decon. If you get some seed, it aint the end of the world, most weed in the 70s, 80s and early 90s was seedy and we smoked the crap out of it.


Thanks @Cannabian. None are in flower (I think). Can they be fertilized before flowering starts? I’m still on18/6 and these aren’t auto seeds. I actually give them a pretty thorough shower once or twice a day for a little extra humidity so maybe I’ll be lucky with that. Tomorrow will be a decon day, as you suggest. Ah yes, I remember Mexican dirt weed with what seemed to be as much seed as weed. Then the magic of Sensemilla came along. Appreciate you beaming in.

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Thats excellent! The only time thise leaves should get wet is when you need to wash a grenaded dood off them, or you are foliar feeding, or applying pesticide due to an unfortunate infestation. Other than that please dont spray water on your plants. If you do spray them for whatever reason either turn the lights down, remove them into a sunlit room for treatment or do it before lights come on. You dont really want wet leaves with bright lights, it can cause lensing and burn the leaves. Oh, and no chance of pollination if the girls are not in flower! Yer in luck, now clean the shit out if that room and wash the plants thoroughly.

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In the course of getting ready to clean up I was checking sexes with the magnifier and see some tiny mites crawling on a stem. Kinda white-ish. Cannot see with naked eye. A friend says this could be “Fungus Fly” that lays larvae in soil and the little ones eat roots. He uses Azimaz and drenches soil for infestation. I need to see if Neem oil can be used for a drench. This and the lighting stress could be the cause of all the weird stuff, like all the plants all expressing sexes during vegging cycle. What do you think? Also heard that one rogue mail opening one sack is pretty minimal damage.

Every pollen grain that lands on onebof the white hairs on a bud can potentially create a seed.
My plants have not begun to flower yet but showed sex in March.

Yup. One or two healthy pollen sacs can absolutely WRECK a grow. Especially if its well ventilated. Each spore can pregnafy a bud. Its not ‘close the tent down immediately and start over’ bad. But its enough for us to let you know ahead of time.

Also the fact most your plants are in veg? Gamesaver there! U can go in overnight with a water spraying bottle. And just spritz everything down. Water deactivates pollen.


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Thanks @PurpNGold74. I’m still running 18/6 on photo plants so actually none are “in flower”. Growth had slowed to a standstill. Seems I’ve stressed the b’jeez out of them. Probably too much light in vegg according to light mfg. Not nutes cuz it’s SoHum Living Soil I don’t add any. Females put out very early pistils, just one here and there, no “flowers/buds”. A rogue pollen sack here and there on a couple of plants. Weird in 18/6. Appears I have either Fungus Gnats, mites or both. Maybe that’s what stunted. I’m planning on a program of GoGnats drench and be more dedicated to maintenance with Neem oil spray regularly.

I use food grade DE. Its for killing egg/larva in soil. You have them on stem so neem/other plans sounds right. Helps you arent in flower. Hit them HARD before you flip.

N its not bad to see a few parts before flipping lights. Just the plants showing you they are sexually mature enough to flip when you are ready

Use Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Spray

Never heard of that one. I have the GoGnats and am going ahead with that. But interested in checking out Captain Jack’s. Thanks.

@PurpNGold74 What is DE? Diatomaceous Earth?


Interesting. Pro-actively or just when you know/suspect something bad’s in the soil? And how does one apply it?

Proactively. Its the ultimate eggs/larva in soil preventative measure. A nice layer on top your soil is like walking/hatching on glass to them. Dont just pour it, it can make your soil top solid as a rock. Just sprinkle it around til u have a nice layer.

I used to lebron james clap it into the air in the room. But found out its horrible for our respiratory system