Help the new girl ♧ Transition question

Hi all!! Beginner in the house, Roll Tide! So, my babies are 8 weeks old Monday. Most are 12 inches on up to a few 20 inchers. So very healthy as I have kept a strict schedule, ph levels are on point, and so are my temps. Tent, LED, indoor grow. So, here’s my question. When is the best time to transition to flowering? I have read article after blog after …well…you dig. So many different answers out there to the same question. Hey, I am Blonde enough for us all. I just really don’t want to make any mistakes. Seeds used were gems from amazing dispensary cannabis…or I suppose others would call bagseed.

Everyone will have a different answer, based off this or that. I like to flip mine at 8-9 weeks.
Do you have any pics of the beauties?

I just flipped because I have worry about hight so my 7 week old is 18 inches tall and can double in size during flower.


Here’s my babies. Se of green♧

Sea* of Green…sorry

Looking good. Hopefully they all turn out to be female. Do you know the output on the lights?
I might suggest a stronger led during flowing.
And welcome neighbor. I’m in OKC also.

happens to us all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ha! See…not just me!!! And here are the specs on these lights. I can absolutely upgrade if needed. I am out by Lake Thunderbird!

[Classical Full Spectrum] Compact grow light that puts out the needed light, includes 163pcs (620-660nm)+58pcs blue leds(450-460nm) +4pcs white leds (6500k), which is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants seeding growing and flowering at all growth stages

And I inspect them daily. Don’t think I will get definitive sexing till a couple weeks into flowering. Is it bad that I mist them between feedings? Soil grow obviously…also quick question. What are your views on bat guano in flowering? Local grower suggested, but I don’t wanna get too complex my first grow.

I wouldn’t mist them.
The lights seem to be good for vegitation, but I would get something in the 1000 watt range for flower. (At least).
My plants in veg are under about 1200 watts. And my flowering tent is under about 2200. I want more…
I’m not the best advice giver for dirt growing. Outdoor dirt and mother nature, I do well. But controlled indoor and dirt… things get messed up for me.
Ever want to try an airoponics setup? I have lots of advice😎
The are a lot of seasoned growers on this forum. I have no doubt you’ll get plenty of advice.
Sorry for the long winded response.

Aaaaaaaaaaahh. The dirty bird! Lake tbird brings back memories. I was stationed at tinker from 98 til 2004. Love me some OKC!


@dbrn32 could answer most LED questions.
I’m still new enough to the forums, I’m not sure who would be the best dirt growers to tag.

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What are the lights you have? Make/Modeli flip when they are about 1/2as tall as i want final plants.

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What part of the world are you in now?

:roll_eyes: I’m going to look past this in spirit of growing weed haha!

I’m sure there’s no shortage of opinions on the internet. The only factual statement that applies is that cannabis won’t flower until its mature enough to do so, regardless of light schedule, nutrients, or any other garbage out there. For plants from seed this is usually about 4-5 weeks from sprouting regardless of size.

Bigger things to consider here are how large are plants in comparison to the room you have. If your space is setup well, you should want it as full as you can reasonably get it. This might mean one really large plant that is trained to be wide and fill your entire space. Or it may be a bunch of little plants that are just barely old enough to flower, or anything in between. It just doesn’t make sense to have a lot of unnecessary dead floor space. You are paying to light it up, may as well be plants there. You also need to consider height restrictions as a lot of grows will gain a lot of height through first couple weeks of flowering.

Long story short, you can flip whenever you’re ready. Even if they’re not quite mature they will just take a little longer to produce flowers.


I’m following your thread. It will be nice to follow a fellow okie. Keep us updated as you move forward. Best of luck on the grow!
Thanks for stepping in :slightly_smiling_face:


You guys and gals are popping up all over here.


Near Cincinnati. Retired now, from that career and the next.


Hytekgro Lights…to answer what type lights. But I put them into 12/12 today!!! Any thoughts on SOG vs SCROG? I have a mesh netting, but do you think I will even need in a 4x4 SOG grow.