What is this pea looking thing?

Hi all, what is this pea looking thing?
Thanks I’m advance


Looking like a seed need pictures of regular light my friend happy growing

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I’ll get a better picture tonight when I get home, if it is not a seed what else could it be?

If it is a seed, is that common or has it hermied?
It is an autoflower.
Thanks again

No its not herm it could be male parts or could be just leaves shooting out hard to tell i get back with you this evening my friend happy growing be safe

Believe I see a yellow flower in ya bud meaning it’s herming but hard to tell in the purple light. I see no seed

Here is a picture in normal light


@Clydester Im not sure if it is a seed where i cycled but it could be leave sure does look like one. you would have use magnifying glass to make sure and is that the same thing you was talking about