Male or female need help

i am a beginner grower and have 3 plants that are the purple haze which i am told that they are feminized seeds
one of the plants i noticed today t hat it looked like some of the branches that are growing buds look like they have seeds in them, they are soft not hard like seeds, the other two plants i dont see that
how can i be sure and if they are indeed seeds i would need to get rid of the one plant correct? i have taken some pics please help

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They look like calyxes. Basically buds. You see the trich’s on it? And the pistils coming out? Pretty safe its a chica.

Wait and see what the general consensus is though

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If you aren’t sure, tear one open and see what it looks like. If you find a seed…


O crap… just realized. Seeds be inside calyx :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: Yea i see the problem

Phewww, thank you:-)

I’m not sure, I don’t see any pistils coming out of those two big ones. Those could be seeds.


I’m in agreement. I think chances are high you have a hermi but open one up to see what you have.


Omg, my heart just sank

How can I find out for sure

We have spent all this time growing these to make oil for medical and will be devastated if they are ruined

How will I know if it has infected my other 2 plants

It’s dark like a seed peeking out. The only odd thing is you say it’s soft.

You can still make oil with the pollinated plants. The seeds will have used up some of the plants resources so the total harvest weight will be reduced once you remove the seeds, but it still has all the same compounds you’re looking for.

Regarding your other plants, if it’s far enough along to have fully developed seeds andit’s been in the same room as your other plants (assuming it hermied and threw a nanner), the damage is done.

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Thank you

Yup. You can do like everyone else said and pop one off and open. If u find a seed… then be prepared for the chance more got pollinated. But it wont ruin your harvest. Plus it may just be those 2 and in that case… free seeds!!! :+1:t5::joy: