What is this on my bud?

What is this on my weed? Kinda like a Dusting of some sort, like a yellow dust looking substance. Normal? Bad? What causes it?


@merlin44 @Oldguy @oldmarine @Graysin @HappyHydroGrower @plumbdand @dbrn32 anybody know? Have a good weekend guys!


Looks like pollen to me.


What’s that come from? Outside? And is it safe to smoke obviously not preferred but idgi. Plants are inside

How is pollen from outside getting on your plants inside? Better figure this one out fast my friend, as grey mold and powdery mildew will be next.

Plants with male flowers. Whether a full-blown male in your tent or some herm flowers. Nanners in bud sites or something of the sort.

Not saying that’s what it is for certain, but I’d be inspecting your ladies (unless you already chopped em, then just do a bud wash)


Does it look like that pic? All my bagged weed has this substance on it but I’ve been smoking it before really realizing it. Also I did wash my buds with water and peroxide after chopping them down. I also let them hang to dry about 8-9 days which I thought they seemed dry enough.

Look at my last reply to gulf coast ^ I washed the buds and left them to dry about 8-9 days I hope it’s not a mildew or mold. Also should I take it all out the baggies and wash them all again??

I’m not sure how to advise. If it wasn’t obvious on them when you bagged them, then I’d be suspicious about mildew.

Here’s some more close ups. The substance also falls off easily when you touch it.

Bud structure makes me think pollen. Hold on for other thoughts from other folks though - I don’t feel I have enough experience here to be more helpful. Just what it appears to be to me.

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I’d love for that to be it because outside there’s a ton of pollen on trees. I’m gonna tag a couple more people hopefully we get a answer thanks anyways man! @MattyBear @Bulldognuts @OGIncognito @LearnasUgrow @Ozark @Underthestairs @Pet_de_Chien @Pheno

It’s pretty simple it’s coming inside, now try and figure out how. My guess is your air intake

So you’re thinking now also it’s pollen? And yea I’ll have to figure it out. We keep good filters must be a window or somethinf

Well that much pollen couldn’t have come from your plants or you would have seen all the male flowers on your buds so it has to be from outside or it’s some other foreign substance.


I would have guessed pollen too based on pics, but seems like a lot to have on all your buds. Especially after having been washed?

It doesn’t look like wpm, which is good. Wonder if maybe not some residue from your wash?


Thank you! And I’m not sure unless something dried on it but as far as you can tell it seems safe to smoke?

Did that come off a live plant or one that has been dried? Is it sticky?

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It’s been dried and not that sticky anymore no.

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Also been dried a month ago