What is this on my bud?

I was thinking along the lines of what @dbrn32 said with residual from the bud wash. But I’m not certain by any means.

Doesn’t look rotten. And I can’t imagine that much pollen being from anything less than a full male plant.


You didn’t by any chance have something in your wash that will cut the oils maybe? Looking again, dry sift has that kind of look.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking it looked like. Bottom of the bag maybe?
Y’all have thought me well db… lol… maybe… lol :v::sunglasses:


Post some more pics of different buds so we can see if we notice a pollen sac anywhere or something. It really looks like pollen on his finger

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I’m in the dry sift, bottom of the bag bud or pollen arena…both dusty, both yellow, pollen much more fine in texture however.

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Now with these, I’m heavily on the side of dry sift / kief. By chance did the bud get dried really fast, or is it really dry now- they trichs will fall off easier. Smoosh that dust between your fingers, did it get sticky or stay dusty…sticky - definitely kief.

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Weird it doesn’t seem sticky at least not anymore anyways and yea I may have dried it a little too quick tbh. Dried it about 7-8 days. But in my defense that was because buds were smaller (first grow) and trying my best with what I had at that time. But yea they smoke great just burn a little fast because they’re probably too dry at this point.

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Just a thought-were you using a humidifier? Some humidifiers put out a dust like mineral residue behind from the water as it evaporates. If so maybe it’s that on there? Is it in your tent as well?

No humidifiers just a fan blowing on a 180 cycle and a medium speed from about 8 feet away