What is this just started yesterday

I was told that I had mold mildew so I used a banking soda spray gave them 2 doeses now I don’t know what to do am I gonna lose all my baby’s I had this

Are those post baking soda treatment or before??

@Lostscuba also, I use a 50/50 peroxide water mix. Works well and doesn’t hurt the plants.

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Yea I should of went with that but banking Soda was all I could get I hope it don’t kill them

Some one posted the information and banking soda was on the list

Probably alkaline burn and the leaves won’t recover but hopefully the problem is gone.

Yea it’s from the soda it’s white all over the leaves and yes I hope the mildew is gone can’t tell because banking Soda dryed and more white on the leaves

And these are my mothers. :-1::disappointed::disappointed::unamused:

What concentration did you use??

What do u mean ? Can u explain in other words warm water with banking soda. Then just now I soaped all them then spRayed with just plane warm water

Did you mix the baking soda with water and then spray or dust them and then soak with water?

I sprayed with banking soda. Then plane wArm water then the day after again the same way then right now just cleaned then spray with soap water then plane warm water and wipe them

I think I put to much banking soda

I’m guessing so. They’ll be fine. Just have some ugly leaves for awhile. Who told you it was mold??

I haven’t fed them food like a week

I would suggest doing that at your earliest convenience.

The other guy is saying nute burn should I flush them I don’t know what I should do

Can you check ppms??

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Don’t have that yet but I’m checking ph now

Good plan. If your in range and haven’t fed in a week I doubt it’s nite burn.

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