HELP!!! Mr.Latewood & StonerMcG, I won my battle with the PH problems and have the upper hand on spider mites. :stuck_out_tongue: But now I am battling with White Powdery Mildew… :evil: It has been hot and humid so I know whats making it impossible to conquer.However I have tried the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed 1tsp per quart.It did ok for A minute.I wasn’t sure when to spray my girls in the am or pm?It seems the am sun would burn the leaves plus add humidity. And the pm no sun would just…Damnit I lost all that I was thinking…Oh well have another toke.Please tell me if these were your plants in your garden what would you do?

I am sad to hear about your issues. mold and mildew can be tamed by a baking soda solution. you might take a it on yield and a little on taste, but you might be able to curb the mildew.

Some greenhouse growers spray a milk solution on their plants when encountering mildew. Do a search o this method. It might help. Milk has an acid in it that stifles mildew.