Pistols turned brown -sprayed with baking soda/water

My beautiful girls showed some mildew. So I read to spray them with half baking soda and half water. Got rid of the mildew but the pistols turned brown. They don’t look rotted. Just brown. Any thoughts?

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That doesn’t look good. I’ve never had bud rot, so more experienced people will be along, but that looks like it to me.

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I don’t think its rot. Probably the huge alkaline baking soda mixture was absorbed by the leaves and somehow discolored them. A better solution is Peroxide/water which will kill the mold but dissipates quickly without bothering the plants. Baking soda will leave a film on the plant that effects it longer.
I do believe it will grow out of it with a little time. Simply looks a bit discolored to me.
Don’t see many pistils on this plant yet, so you have a lot of time to recover.


I would not use what ever reference you used to come up with baking soda again. I use a high concentration of baking soda to kill weeds and poison ivy.