Powder mold - black tips on pistols

Confirmed powder mold I wasn’t able to get rid of. Now the pistols have black tips - is it terminal?

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I don’t see any mold and the pistils look fine. Some plants will show coloration. It’s normal.

wrt mold: those are trichomes on your leaves, not mold.

How about pics of the full plant? It looks like you might have some minor nitrogen issues.


These were the leaves on Aug 26. I’ve cut them all off since then. See how the pistols are pretty white? Now they have those black tips that look like burns.

Here is the whole plant since i snipped all the fan leaves and alot of the stunted buds. You can see how small they are.

Re your comment about Nitrogen issues… i have another plant, right next to the moldy one, that does not have the mold and looks good.

Since both plants get the same everything, I’ve been blaming the yellowing and burnt tips on the powder mold.

What does powder mold look like on the flowers?


Ewww. Did you see my pic of what I think is powder mold? Is it something else?

Kill It with medicine. I put my plants on a hydrogen peroxide schedule, two days in a row then every 4th day. I sprayed them til they drip. Top and bottom of leaves. So far no more PM.

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