What is causing this

buds turn yellow just one or two spots on each plant

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Post a picture of what the problem looks like. That would help figuring what’s going on.

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Light system, size and height from plants:

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bud rot/light burn?

plants haven’t been wet in long time maybe light burn didn’t happen till I trimmed some shade

Could be multiple things. We cant really help without pics… could be light burn, or nute deficiency, or bug damage, or overwatering. Multiple of possibilities

here’s a pic

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At first look I was thinking bud rot but I do see some webbing when I zoom in. I believe you have spider mites. To be safe I’d suggest cutting off the buds that look that way. I still think it’s bud rot. Peroxide and water will help plus lower your humidity if possible.
For the spider mites peroxide and water will help. I use green cleaner for mites. It can be used during all stages of plant developement. I find it works well and is nontoxic.

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How about pictures in natural light and please fill out the Support Ticket. We can’t help you if we don’t have the tools.


To me it looks like root rot and or over warting

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Yup sorry. Still kinda hard to tell. Could u turn off the grow light and take a pic eith ur phone flash? Or remove the plant from the area and get a picture in natural lighting? It helps immensely with diagnosis