Are my plants rotting? Maybe spider infestation?

Hey everyone, my plants have been outside for about 3 months now and the buds are sticky and smell amazing… it rains a lot where I’m at so my girls have been getting wet almost daily, don’t know if that hasn’t to do with what I’m seeing or not… Anyway, I was taking a closer look at my plants today and it appears as if some of the buds are brown?? There’s also a whole bunch of thin spiders webs scattered throughout the plants. I’m debating on just cutting them down and salvaging what bud I can. Thoughts?

I just pulled apart a bud and it’s all brown and fuzzy inside :frowning: it looks like textbook mold. Should I just cut the affected ones down and try to salvage?

Found these little green bugs inside one of the rotted buds?!?!

You have bud rot. Sorry.
If you search this forum you’ll find many posts.

You can try and fight it, but it’s a losing battle.
Potassium bicarbonate can help delay the spread for a week or so, if the plant needs a little more time. You will lose a lot the longer you wait.

Oh man… yeah I cut all the rot out of the one and now it’s in the dry room. The other two plants look okay, so I’m hoping to let them stay outside for a while longer.

The web’s could be from Spidermites. I’d have a good look through the whole plant. Hopefully just a normal spider though, since it’s outdoors.

Sorry about the rot, never a fun thing to find!