What have I done wrong here?

A couple of weeks ago I returned home from work after 7 days to find that my young new plants had started to go to flowering phase (an error on my part I’m aware of making with the settings)
But I quickly reacted to it by giving 24 hour light for a few days then back to 18/6 again.
But since trying to bring back to veg phase I have experienced a few issues with them.
First there was a lot of strange defects with the leaves (pretty sure I understand why now)
But the second issue is that the plants have become really poor quality and stretching out between each new growth, also very flimsy branches?
Is this just a normal reaction to forcing back out of flowering phase to veg? Or is there something else going on?

I know it’s difficult enough to get everything right even when you can check them every day, but my work schedule means I’m away every second week which is proving to make diagnosis even more complicated as I often miss seeing any sign of issues early enough to react in a timely manner.
I’m almost at the point of scrapping this lot and starting again, but I don’t have anymore of these particular strains seeds left and getting more is a problem in itself as ilgm are not currently sending to Australia for some reason?
6-8 weeks to get replacement seeds may not be the way to go if I can get these to recover to a decent standard?

Yep, typical reveg. She’s going to be wonky for a bit until she returns to full veg.

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Based on the size of the plants and grow space I’d guess that you would have been ok leaving them in flower. They typically double in size during flower so you’ll need to flower them soon to control their size.

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Yeah I was seriously considering that within the next few days.

The whole reveg process is gonna kill some time. Honestly I would’ve let them go and monster cropped clones just in case.

If anything they might have just bought me enough time to coincide with the removal of the occupants already in the tent I’ve got set for flowering.
Only I wasn’t prepared to see them react so radically.
Oh well I’ve learnt from it

Mistakes are the best teachers. I made 100+ my first grow. no exajuration really