What do your trichomes look like?

What are your trichs looking the same after drying? This is mine after harvesting and curing.

I don’t have pictures, but the ones that were clearish, were now white. You may have harvested later than I did.

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Would you say then harvesting a lil early will give it time to further develop into cloudy while drying/curing?

Im my opinion yes.

There is no hard and fast correct answer - it’s at least partially about how you like your smoke. Chop it when the trichs are cloudy by not amber yet and you get a more cerebral racy high. Wait till it’s mostly amber and you’ll bet a stonier more Couch lock feel.

I don’t personally spend a lot of time looking at trichomes post harvest. Your THC and CBD levels are pretty well set once you’ve chopped it. Curing will mellow your smoke of course and will convert the THCA but Your trichs are mostly done ripening when you chop it.


Getting there

I remember last week thinking how am I ever going to see them with a magnifier they’re so small.
Another 2 weeks and you’ll be able to see them from space.


How long u cure for Deez?

After they’re done Hanging in the drying room They go into sealed jars for a month. I open the jars up to breathe for a little while every other day or so for the first two weeks or so then just let em mellow out another week or two before it’s into the freezer for long term storage.

There’s a peak spot in your cut flower’s curing where you’ve Degraded the chlorophyll so it doesn’t taste like fresh grass and the THCA has had a chance to break down some and as it ages past that point it doesn’t really do anything but lose potency - picture a bell shaped curve - I try to toss it in the freezer at the peak to preserve it that way

Maui waui just went into jars today


Nice Pics

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