What do you do with your soil after harvest

Haven’t started my first grow yet but I have all equipment and the room set up and just waiting on seeds. I am using Lucky Dog K-9 Kube. I know this is down the road but what do you guys do with the soil mix after you harvest? Do you reuse it in any way? Do you rejuvenate it with anything?

Compost, Throw away or recycle it for outdoor garden use I have heard of people reusing after composting but honestly I like the fresh start every time and takes a long time to get the salts and root matter out of it so for me it’s compost then flower garden. Coco is far easier to reuse

best to all ways throw it away - start out fresh for healthy plants’

If you dump pot root masses in a baby swimming pull all the root balls and as many roots as you can spread it apart and soak it and I believe it’s called canazyme it’s an enzyme , read up don’t quote the name have not used lately. Soakfor about a week then you have to drain it and let it dry out the pain in the ass I did it with an old school winepress in a kiddie pool the next harvest worked fine I throw earthworms and they do a great job of cleaning up and adding some more castings to the to the mix


Me personally I through it in a dirt pile in the back yard and turn old soil in to organic supersoil and keep recyling and re using once every 6 months or twice a year

I start fresh no telling what mite be in that used soil…especially if you had problems with your last.
But you don’t haveto thrughit oit.
Recycle it. Place in black trash bags ttie them tight. And lesve them outside in the sun. The sun will cook whats in the bags if it’s winter keep till spring
Always recycle my friends


Read my pos a little better it gets recycled and re used twice a year appearantly you didn’t read all the post as it says I turn it into organic supersoil

And re use it

Same shit here, I try to make 10$ an oz after harvest

Electric bill, equipment, etc. 10$ oz

I’m at $8.50 an oz lol took a while to find the right lights

i read what you said and I was basically saying what I do and aslo telling everyone else to recycle. Not you !


If I told you what I get per oz lets just say I got $300.00
And two more going out the door tomorrow.
Not bragging its what I get for my White Widow


While I don’t sell, because I grow for my wife and I exclusively, I can say that ozs of good go for $400-450 here. Regs even go for $150 an oz here!

Selling I make 350$ an oz on every strain I grow no problem could make more but I’m not about ripping people off I’ve been selling for 12 years now I have enough experience selling I could give some away and still have enough, selling is my daily life that’s how I pay my bills and every thing else bud hahaha I make 4,000$ a day every day and have for the last 2-3 years whatever I want I buy It and best thing is I never run out of money, so I could care less of you are if it came to bragging I could brag about alot

That’s rediculous reg here goes for 50 an oz and good stuff could be 300-400

And more over all I was talking about how much energy I use per oz harvested

I take what i make and reinvest in my grow room. Betterseeds cost more and nutrients and so on.
But I do give alot away. Mostly to this friend
Who is very sick she doesn’t pay.


I wasn’t bragging and I do give plenty away. And I don’t rip people off if thats what you were implying.
The people who do buy from me bug me all the time for more.
And I don’t believe $4000.00 a day…not !
I hope to keep this conversation seville…ok
And I most likely miss understood about the $8.50 per oz thing. Sorry !


Same here so I definatly understand your view and aspects my friend and his family get free stuff and don’t have to pay and it’s very possible when you know the right people and it’s alright it’s easy to mistake things and misunderstand them through messaging rather than in person and no I wasn’t implying that you were ripping people off as the older generation has more common sence of not doing so (being you) so not at all was I implying that buddy my apologies and I take what I make and invest in more seeds as well I have about 500 and still buying more and constantly spend money to improve, but again my apologies we will move on and I will drop out I didn’t mean for any of that to come out rude and I wasn’t either what I was mainly implying out of that is that cannabis is a high profit business and there is lots of money to be made when your cards are played right and you have the right customers