Does anybody reuse soil after harvest?

Does anybody reuse soil after harvest? If so, How?


I’m sure @MrPeat reuses soil. I’ve done it by mixing in organic manure etc but my success has been limited


So I read that your suppose to pour boiling water over it to sterilize it then come back and add a lil more potting mix or perlite and peat moss maybe some compost as well. I’m just curious I know soil it’s that expensive but… yeah its not like I can just dig a whole in a my back yard


Yup…I reuse the same soil for years. You just start adding nutrients real fast is all. I do not add anything to the soil except nutrients. :+1::+1::+1:


So once you finish with the plant you dump all the soil in a container or something… what’s your process after you harvest your plant

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I chop the plant. Take out the root ball and stalk. Plant seeds. Add nutrients about 1 week after breaking soil.

Rinse and repeat. That is all. :+1:

I have been doing this since May 2018.


Ok wow the dirt I have now is kind of stiff and I did just water it this morning but even then it still kind of stiffed up once I transplanted and it has grown a lot since germination… this is my first grow but if you say I can reuse it… I’ll reuse it… I still might just drop boiling water on it and let it drain before I put another seed in it


You can do what you want. You just need the roots gone. Personally I have never worried once I pull the root ball out. I just made things as I went along. I didn’t join a grow forum till Sept 23rd, 2019 and I started growing May 2018.

You can add soil if it gets low. I was using 5 gallon buckets with it only filled about 1/2 way. I was still able to grow over 7 foot monsters.

I now use fabric pots and the soil is still loose. :+1::+1::+1:


What fertilizers do you use and I’m assuming you don’t transplant either you just drop that one seed and call it a day

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I don’t use fertiliser. I use Fox Farm products exclusively. Dirty Dozen with also adding Kelp Me, Kelp You and Wholly Mackerel. I use Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil.

And I do not transplant. They go into a 18 hour soak then transfer to damp toilet paper for 48 hours. Finally they go into 15 Gallon Fabric Pots. I also don’t move my lights either.:+1::+1::+1:

I’m a anomaly when it comes to growing indoors.


So whats your average time frame for plant and you must just grow FEMs only then… right?

I grow Landrace seeds. I have Autos and Photos. But yeah all are feminized except for the Landrace and Regular seeds.

From start to finish about 4 months per crop rotation. I will also grow 2 to 6 plants at a time in a 4x4 tent. :+1:


What’s landrace


A landrace strain, is either a full indica or a full sativa. Not a mix of the two, and they grow indigenous to their region . They are the founders of all hybrid strains we have today.


I use COM Bar Harbour organic potting soil. I reuse it 3x then throw it in the vegetable garden and till it in.

I mix in 1/4 cup worm caste per gallon and 1 Tbs mycos per gallon. After each use. Then I plant a seed or transplant a seedling.

I use Jack’s A and B, Epsom Salt, Fish Sh*@ and MPK in mid-flower. Sometimes I’ll add a molasses tee around week 4 or 5 in flower. Just depends…


I think remove the ball add needed soil and worm castings and move on to your grow.

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Here at THUNDERDOME, I keep even the root ball intact. I grow cover crops year round, and right about this time of year-I go pull on the remaining stalk sticking up of the ground. Usually it detaches with ease.
The hole gets reused for seedlings or clones. I am using 25gallon Rainsciece bags, with no till growing. You should check out a video on “lasagna layering,” on YouTube. I havent bought new soil in years.
The foundation for all my no-till pots has been the 420 recipe soil. No complaints.
I use Build a soil products/dry fertilizer also. Bio-char ,silica and Mycos also for the new transplants. The cover crops are chopped and then placed back on top for a mulch layer. Usually in February, I cover the mulch with compost and plant more cover crop seeds.
I also use an automated irrigation system that helps tremendously.

This is a Strawberry Cough, blessing my garden…

SL out.


Yup! Mine goes right in the top of the compost bin. Roots and all.

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In the fall I remove the dead plant and rootball. In the spring I go down beach, handily located very near my house, gather seaweed. Kelp and any leafy seaweed is great but rootball netty type sargassum variety we have on the Pacific coast is not and can even be toxic to plants.
I pour the the used soil into a large container and mix it around to break up chunks .
I put al layer several inches deep of the the chunkiest more root laden soil at the bottom of the pot, then add several inches of sea weed, Add more used soil, then another layer of seaweed, then top off the pot with new soil. ( I use peat mix). I give a soaking and add more new soil as needed.
I use a saucer to catch overflow and keep bugs from crawling up the drain holes. I don’t wash the seaweed to remove the salt before hand. Either it gets washed out when wetting the soil initially or at least isn’t enough to bother the plants. It may even help sanitize the soil to some extent. I give it soluble fertilizer even from the start to make sure the plant has plenty of nutrients as the seaweed decomposes.

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I know this is an old post but you use fox farms dirty dozen. Why do you not consider that fertilizer?

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