How do i reuse FoxFarm soil from previous grows?

Every grow ive done i use new soil. Each time i harvest i take the soil and dump it in a fridge i have laying on my porch . Ive thought about using some and mixing it with new dirt to get some use from it but im scared to bring in bugs cause the dirts been outside. And i dont want to risk my plants having deficiencies from used soil. Maybe i can recharge it some how ? Does anybody have any suggests that they’ve tried and had good results from?


I have read about many folks reusing their soil to save money. For me, the soil (I have used FFOF and now use Roots Organic) is the cheapest part of the grow so I just toss it outside and start with fresh soil each grow.


Several methods used to re-use. What’s the plan for the grow…organic or using salt based fertilizer? I would start with a slurry test on the used soil to see what the existing PPMs are and if organic plan amend with organic nutrients and if salt based use the slurry results and start feeding when necessary per the plants growth stage :love_you_gesture:


I’ve reused my soil for last three grows, no problems I just have to start feeding them sooner. I switched to RO water though to keep crap they don’t need from building up in the soil.

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How do i do a slurry test ?

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Take a sample of the soil and equal parts distilled water and stir. Let it rest for a few hours then strain it through a coffee filter and test the PH and PPMs🤟


If you are planning to move it to indoor soil after being outside exposed to the elements for so long, I would recommend baking it to kill any undesirables. They really thrive once you bring them back in. You would then reinoculate the microbes to get some life back into it.

If you’re unable, I’d start new and keep it in cleaner conditions in the future


Ok thanks everybody