What are you planning for next year?

Now that harvest time is upon us and it’s safe to say that most folks have at least had a chance to try some early samples of this year‘s crop, thoughts turn to what worked this year and what to do next year.

This past season I Grew MK ultra and strawberry cough from I LGM for the first time and Bergman‘s gold leaf for the third summer on the trot.

Gold leaf has been a proven winner for me. I’ve never found the taste or aroma to be worth writing home about but it packs a punch and check the boxes for my growing location – good mold resistance, Not too long of a flowering time, and decent yield.

Strawberry cough is one I will definitely do again. I was really happy with the yields and despite the longer flowering time these finished up just fine and showed good resistance to bud rot.

MK ultra came out absolutely delicious, great aroma and flavor, just a nice mellow smoke all around. I’m not sure I will grow it again next year even though I did like it a lot I think I’d be more interested in trying something different.

This summer for the first time in a couple of years I didn’t grow any autos. The last few summers I’ve put some auto flowers outdoors around the same time I put my regular photoperiod plants out and enjoyed a little early harvest in late July. I missed that a little this year so planning on doing a couple of autos next summer again.

To that end I placed an order the other night on ILGM for a pack of banana Kush autos, Maui wowie, and sour diesel. I’ll probably grow a couple Maui‘s and sour D’s over the winter and if I’m happy enough with them will probably look to grow some of them for next summer along with either goldleaf or strawberry cough.

My Motis for outdoor growing is to always grow one or two proven winners and always try something new

So tell us - What are you planning for next year?


More super lemon haze, and more Maui Wowie. By far. Also looking forward to growing original Haze.


Open to new high yeild strains. Would like a cross with Skunk #1.

Would like to setup a 4x4 with nice led lighting. I have 3 c99, and 1 flower bomb Kush that a friend gave me. Might buy more seeds.

Any light recommendations for a 4x4 ?

I have a super critical CBD that I just transplanted from a solo cup to a 10+ pot this morning, so ~16 weeks to harvest. I’m not going big next year like I did this year. I’ve got more weed than I know what to do with already.

Shrooms - I started growing them this year and am ramping that up for next year. I’ll back off when I am swimming in dried shrooms I guess. lol.


A lot. Just depends on your preference. Hlg, rapid led, timber, chilled, gavita, all make fixtures.

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I’m hoping to do some pheno hunting of my first round of F1 autos next summer.

Interstate Killer - Poison Breath x Lights Out Larry.

Poison Breath is (Breathworks x Strawberry Cough) x (Red Poison x Blueberry Haze).
Lights Out Larry is Northern Lights x Gelato 33.


I’m going to try some landrace strains, and also plan to try Future#1,Blackberry Moonrocks,another Mimosa Evo,a Maximum Profit, some Pineapple Express and a few other new strains, Black Sugar and a couple Frisan Duck because they don’t look like pot,and I might put them outside in my garden out in the far back yard.Ialso want to try some White Widow and Bubba Kush that I got as freebies.I bought a lot of seeds this year,just in case the world is locked down again. And I already have my soil,amendments, fertilizers,etc.for my next 2 grows.


I’ll grow my ice again but also a few auto’s that are cbd heavy

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Green Crack
Bruce Banner
Better Than Yours OG
Original Glue GG#1

Pineapple Express
Wedding Cake
Skunk #1
Columbian Gold

Jack Herer
Jilli Beans
Peyote Critical
Trap Star


I have 10 ilgm Maui wowie seeds I will plant for sure. I like the sound of the gold leaf and strawberry cough being mold resistant, I have bud rot problems every year. Anyone have any other suggestions for plants that are mold resistant? This will be a outdoor grow in the mid west.

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Just to be clear the Strawb Cough isn’t bred specifically for mold resistance - this is my first time growing it and I’m just saying from this summers experience that while I got some botrytis on other plants the SC fared well. It’s longer flowering time makes it a bit of a dice roll for a big outdoor plant at my latitude but I kept mine small enough to carry inside and that’s where they’ve been finishing up (in a non-climate controlled outbuilding) for the last few weeks.

@Covertgrower how’s that Maui to grow? I would have thought it was gonna be a bit finicky growing outside in a non tropical climate and that I’d be better off doing it strictly indoors but I’ve been reading that it grows well outside and finishes in 9 about weeks. That works for me as long as it doesn’t take til nearly September to start flowering like my Strawberry Cough did :unamused:


@Weedlover1 I’m interested in landrace strains as well. Not for outdoors at my location but for some long flowering indoor fun in the winter. I had some Redbeards (Thai landrace) given to me by an old crusty breeder a long time ago but those have come and gone many moons ago. I have a big interest in growing classics but most of the ones I’m after are gonna be better for indoor - Thai stick (ya know that shit that’s tied to a stick!), Acapulco Gold, Panama Red … pretty much anything Cheech and Chong used to joke about


This phenotype finishes in about 8.5 weeks. It’s a great grower. The terpenes are a probably my favorite part of this plant. Lots of limonene and it smells very sweet. Tastiest strain I’ve had in a vape.


Landrace should be interesting,and supposedly they don’t herm easily like some hybrids.Good luck! And I meant Monster Profit ,not Maximum Profit.


Due to the growing season I have to stick to autos. I have a supply of white widows. I will set my bug screens this time before they get a chance to infest them. I have a supply of spinosad on hand just in case. I will also add a rain cover. I have the pvc all cut but didn’t have a chance to use it before the caterpillars did their thing.


This next year I wanna expand passion to MY actual life. I plan to advance my operations. To embrace the future.

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Good news for me then too. I’ve been doing a lot of rosin pressing and just got a couple of new toys from puffco :+1: