Need seed recommendation - Outdoor/Auto Only


Thinking ahead on next grow spring 2023. I can only grow “outdoor and autos”.

I live in the southern US, very hot and humid along the coast. 2 blocks from the ocean. Mold can be a problem.

I bought GG4 seeds but wondering if they are good for my climate (heat and very high humidity)

Anyone else with similar climate that grow outdoor autos.

PS. I grow autos to try to remain stealth. Not a friendly state. I grow outside because I live in an 800 sf house.

Recommendations appreciated


@Not2SureYet anything specific you would recommend here?

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Try Purple Thai Auto by Ethos. Very short stocky auto the grows some pretty dense buds. Mold and disease resistant.

Awesome taste and great buzz


Good morning sir, I live in a southern unfriendly cannabis state as well & have to grow outdoors. I’m on my first grow in years with about a month to go until harvest. I started at least a month late (1st week in September ). I’m a novice grower so I paid attention to advice from others ( defiantly paid off ).As advised I used pots so I can move them indoors if I need to due to late planting & frost issues as well as hours of day light as my white widows seedlings were only getting aprox.9 hrs a day of sunshine. My failure was not to add a few extra hours of light once I brought them indoors. I don’t know if it was the light issue or something else but the plants only got 7-8 inches tall & then started the bloom phase ( I could not seem to reverse that as with a photo plant ) .So now I had babies in bloom , so I just embraced the whole process to see what I will learn for my 2023 grow. I tried my first attempt at LST ( Low stress training ) just for fun as the plants were stealthy anyway ( 7-8 inches tall ) . My results ( not final ) are basically very short bonsi shaped weed plants plants with some nice looking buds on them, good sized buds considering the stature of the plant , (would be considered small buds on a 2-3 foot plant)…I live semi rural & my place is highly visible, so these 1 foot tall at best (none are a foot tall ) are an extreme stealth blessing I stumbled across, the only problem is in order to glean a good supply i will need quite a few of these plants, however they are almost invisible unless your standing on them. As far as the mold issues & humidity I cannot help with that except to point you to the section of the seeds your looking at on the ILGM web site which addresses what seeds are best suited for what regions. Once on the ILGM site go to auto flowers then look on the left side of the page to locate the climate tab & it will bring up recommended seeds for specific climates. OR, click on the seed your interested in & right above the price for 5-10-or 20 seeds there is a more product info tab, once clicked on it will bring you to more info on climate & if the strain is mold resistant or not.
Hope this is helpful.

Josey Whales


Late summer humidity around st louis jis horrible. I found that lemon og haze did really well planted early to be finished up before the humidity hits hard.


I haven’t ever got to grow out doors. So I will tag @Big123 and tray and send him over here :grin: He has done some super nice autos out doors. If I was to try one. I would focus on strains that fit your temps you will be growing in for the first grow. If it is hot there most of the time. I would go with a sativa. If it is on the cooler side. I would go with some thing like a indica. I would also look at a smaller more mid sized plant my self. Like a Blue dream auto. Most autos are pretty mold resistant. So a plus there.
I just re read there. I am near the cost too and get a lot of fog. @Myfriendis410 grew out doors and did some autos. He doesn’t seem to like them as much as I do :laughing: So far. All my autos seem to love heat though. I was running up to 100 in my grow room this last grow. I will go see if I can send Big123 here though.

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I did GG#4 indoor then kicked outdoors, and repotted simultaneously. One turned out dense flowers, the other did not.

This one from 2021…

I did not do Spring auto grow in 2022.

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I live in SW Fl. I have found it impossible to grow successful Outdoors. I only have a short time when the temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but no sunlight, very short hours and intensity. December, January, February. Is it. All of the rest of the year is to damn hot. Causes horrible foxtailing and loose, hairy, weak ass THC, crap buds. I have just tossed every plant i have tryed to grow Outdoors. Tropical climate Suxs. Indoors in the AC is the only way to go. We have the damn thing on 11 months a year total easy. Easy to control temperature in the tent and the humidity is alway good.

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