Need help choosing the right autoflower strain for novice outdoor garden in the humid Big Easy

Can any one offer suggestions on auto flower strains that will work well in sometimes rainy hot humid outdoor climates like New Orleans? I am a first time grower and I have all the tools/supplies needed to grow. I am torn on what seeds to purchase. I’d prefer at least two options. A Sativa dominate auto flower for daytime and an indica dominate autoflower for my night time smoke sessions. Or one awesome hybrid that can be smoked anytime of the day. Also outdoor growing is my only option BTW. Please and thanks! Can’t wait to read responses!

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Well well , I’m from the Desire projects homie , and any auto flower will grow regardless of the rain , all you need is good light but don’t let them get over watered .

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Yoshi thanks for the info. I decided to go with Blue Mystic auto. Can’t wait to get started.

That’s a good one , but each strain is different and has different characteristics but can’t wait to see how you do , I’m getting ready to do one outside and see if I can get it done in 56 days .

I would lean towards Sativa dominant genetics due to the fact that those genetics are native to equatorial, rainy, humid regions.

I always advise people such as yourself to go into the seedbank and read all the descriptions. I believe that you will be able to make your own choice. I know it always works for me! :smiley:

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Hello there @UrbanNewbie504 and welccome to ILGM.

OK Now the only thing I can you I s tell and this what did. And that was to
Go to different seed banks and look up there auto plants and read the spec on the plant it should tell you
what climate it should be grown in


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I decided on Blue Mystic Auto. Waiting for the mail man daily. Hahaha

Thanks! I decided on the blue mystic auto it’s more indica dominant but supposedly is less “smelly” compared to other autos during flowering which is necessary for my grow environment. Will keep you posted when my seeds hit the mail.

Right on. Looking forward to seeing your grow.

And by the way… Welcome to ILGM

B Safe

I’m excited also ?

We all look forward to your successful grow. :slight_smile: Keep us posted

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Any updates?