What to grow outdoors this year?

Hi all,

Hope everyone had a nice winter! It’s that time to start thinking about this years outdoor grow and I’m having trouble deciding on seeds. I’d like to grow one indica and one sativa - both photo period. Last year I grew super lemon haze auto and Durban photo. The SLH was plagued by rot due to early season wet weather. I had more success with the Durban, but didnt love the way the buds came out, probably because of some nutrient issues in flowering.

Here’s what I’m considering. I’m located in Long Island, NY (zone 7b and a bit of a micro climate. Late frosts but it gets very humid/wet at night in the early fall so quicker flowering is preferable). Please let me know your experience with these ILGM strains and I’m open to other suggestions. Thank you!


  • granddaddy purple
  • blue cheese
  • Cali dream


  • amnesia haze
  • Super silver haze
  • blue dream
  • strawberry cough
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Most haze I’ve tried gets mold and mildew outdoors. Blue dream, unless the buds are kept small has a long history of bud mold. Skittlez and White Widow are probably the best this seed bank has for outdoor. Good Luck

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@2GreenThumbs thanks for the tip. Didn’t realize hazes were prone to mold. Interested in skittlez but it is a little more indica leaning hybrid.

Most Hazes have long flowering times as well some are 12 plus weeks. Contrary to the jazz put out by Sativa fans, California Indica is one of the best outdoor strains, overseas they call it Passion #1. I’ve found personally that the 50/50 strains or close do best outdoors. They grew Triangle and OG Kush in Florida outdoors for years and both are Indica. Gorilla glue is another one at least for me is a no grow as it molds bad, Skunk varietys get Powdery mildew bad. Another one I found good for outdoor is Lemon Berry Candy from Ethos, it finishes quick as well.

With all that said this is what will be in my outdoor garden

  1. Florida Gaspack
  2. Trainwreck
  3. Purple Panty Dropper
    4.Durban Dew
    5.White Widow x Skittlez
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@2GreenThumbs thats a quotable solid tip. I could not agree with you more. Sativas too slow, indicas too dense for their own good in the wet. Hybrids, just right.


Im just a few hours from nyc and im thinking blue cheese. This year will be my first attempt at growing outdoors and im hoping to get the best mold resistant strains. Strawberry cough is supposed to be really resistant too at least that’s what i thought until i read hazes mold hmm. I grow in the basement so im always battling humidity but from what ive seen outdoors can be tough.

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Yeah I also read strawberry cough is mold resistant. 8 week flowering time too (according to ILGM) is attractive. Think I might bump it to the top of my sativa strain list. Wish I could find a local dispensary that has cali and blue cheese so I could try them before I grow them. I know I like granddaddy purple.

The key isn’t Sativa or Indica it’s flowering time. Anything hanging around in late October is liable to mold even mold lol resistant strains. What you want for outdoor is a plant that finishes in less than 60 days, or just build a greenhouse.


I have Gelato Tropicana Cookies and purple Punch , waiting on the weather still having temperatures in the 20s Jack Frost Day’s are Numbered

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Hey man, any advice on planting DP in Va. ? And should I use a 25 gal, or dig a hole?

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GDP did well in a sunny area along with STC. BD did great in dappled light during her grow.

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I think Durban would probably do well in VA. It didn’t have any real rot issues with it but it does take a long time to finish flowering. I harvested towards the end of Oct and it wasn’t really ready. I started in a 10 gal and it was very root bound (this is where my nutrient issue came in) so potted up to a 20 gal and wouldn’t go any smaller than that. Never grew directly in the ground but I remember seeing someone else on this forum that did and their Durban plant looked great.

Im leaning towards building something to conceal my grow. Thanks for that tip about flowering times. Is it easier to grow in the ground or in pots outside?

@Naturalmedsman i have smoked blue cheese flower and vapes. The vape knocked me outccold and it was so damn tasty. I love it a lot. I’ve grew some strawberry cough a few summers ago and man its really good i don’t think you will be disappointed if you choose these. I’m leaning towards these. I think Northern Lights might be another good one for the east side. I am doing research. I do have some critical kush autos, maybe that will work better for the faster flowering.

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Both, start em in 3 gallon pots, once ready to transplant, cut the bottom off the pot and put 2/3 of the pot in the ground in a pre dug hole.


Thats awesome man, thanks!


Purple punch is a good one. Haven’t grown it but picked some up at a dispensary not long ago and I’m still enjoying it :slight_smile:

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Good to know about blue cheese and strawberry cough! I don’t necessarily want something to put me to sleep, but nothing beats a nice mellow happy feeling indica.

I grew northern lights a couple seasons ago. Really nice dense bud but I did get some rot towards the end. I started it way too late (like end of July) so it took too long to mature, flower and finish. I’d consider it again.

I prefer growing in pots so I can move the plants when needed, including into my garage if there’s a big storm, and to keep the plants from getting too big. It really just depends on what you’re looking to do. For me, smaller plants with nice buds are the preference because I have small yard and don’t need a lot.

Here’s my northern lights

And here’s my Durban


@Naturalmedsman, I have played around quite a bit with the strawberry cough. It holds up to mold pretty well. My main complaint is it is slower side; like mid to late October outdoor around seattle. If you have to pull it early it is tasteless and soul less. It does not get the strawberry terps until the last couple weeks. Without the strawberry you just have the cough in my humble opinion.

I have crossed it to Durban and have ran those to F3. The Durban did not speed it up much unfortunately. I took those f3 and crossed those to irie genetics strawberry starburst. Have not ran these crosses yet, but I bet it’s faster. The strawberry starburst was early September finish and a more pronounced berry flavor.