What are you growing this season 2024?

Will be dropping some Gold Leaf seeds in a week.


@John7 Another great selections…I remember that old skool skunk…Wheeww…a good stink!! W.W. is a killer.! @MinnesotaGrown ah yes the classic Island budz… Man that plant looks very health@Growdoc wow lots of button tops…!!@Audiofreak…That looks like a proper drying and curing almost reminds me of Lambs bread…
Great Selections all…Keep em coming…

How are these looking my first grow? 6 weeks

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@Moneyteam3897 Welcome :wave:…Looks good! What strain are they?

Started in Feb with 4 Purple Punch that are on their last weeks of life. Have 1 Maui Wowe, 3 LA Confidencial and 1 NYC so far. Growing on 3 & 5 gal fabric pots, water from the faucet no PH straight from the hose, 50% indoor 50% outdoor for the MW, LAC & NYC, PP are outside 100% sence flowering. I use Roots Organics with Natures Living Soil mix and just water for 4 months. I grow as organic and as close as if they were to be grown by them self like any other plant. Living soil, organic soil and the sun. I tie them from one side of the pot to grow branches bigger and create more tops.


They look like they can use more light, maybe getting them closer to the light or more potent light.

They look hungry!

I got a late start, but i got a few. Blue dream x Super Skunk that looks very interesting. Lemon Berry Candy, White Widow x Skittlez, Northern Lights and Cinderella 99 x G 13.

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Dark Devil Mystery Punch
Week 5


Nice girl. Welcome to the club.


Welcome to the forum

I’m Growing Sour Diesel Gelato Tropicana Cookie Sugar Haze and Santa Muerte all photos all outside :beer::v:

So far done, the black widow, very nice and have had others say it’s some of the best they have tried.

Onto the Bruce Banner now only seedlings at the moment.

After this the almighty Bruce, I have some cherry pie seeds.

So all older proven hybrid fem varieties.

Pic of the black widow.