Ilgm Godfather OG and WW auto plus more

I’m back! Had a long summer and fall this season with work and wasn’t able to post much. Everything has slowed down till the summer so I’m going to grow till then. Going to journal my adventure here.

I’m going to start off with the photos. We have 3 gfog (back left 3), 2 dj short blueberry (front 2 left), 2 gods gift (front right, ones mutated), and 2 blue gelato 41 (back 2 right ). Today is day 10 for all of them. They got off to a nice start for the most part.

Next up are 1 WW auto

, 1 kandy kush auto

, 1 afghan hawaii auto

, and 1 romulan haze auto

(grew all of these already) . Today is day 1 and day 2

I’m using ffhf as soil and a sf2000 for lights.about 2.5’ above the plants at 40%

working it up incrementally. Nutes will be fox farm for most but I may tinker with something else if I get the itch nothing is set in stone.

Have a space heater in the tent on a ink bird controller maintaining temps between 73-79 degrees with a fan blowing away from the plants. Humidity is averaging 50%. At present no ventilation is required due to weather temps of 50s in garage. Fresh air is provided through tent flaps.

Once I clean up my garage I’m going to setup a 4x4 tent and more light but for the time being they’re in a 2x4. Going to pick up soil tomorrow and get ready for transplant from cup to 2 gallon fabric pots which will be their final home the same ones the autos are in.

Looking forward to anyone’s input on their experience with godfather og and dj short blueberry. Anyone lurking feet free to chime in on anything you please this is an open topic journal :+1:


The deformed gods gift that may not make it. It’s slowly keeling over. Roots are not growing

Here’s what the roots look like on the others


Should be a fun run. :call_me_hand:t3:


I’m going to kick off the fun with this gods gift joint with gold leaf oil and afghan hawaii kief courtesy of my last harvest . I’m lighting it just for you :+1:


Wicked! Take an extra hit for me. :pray:


Ordered 3 each of Alaskan thunderfuck, grape ape and fruity pebbles strains a few days ago on a whim.

ATF is one of my all time favorite strains. I’m hoping to replicate what I remember smoking 20 years ago :joy:

I still haven’t grown purple weed yet so I’m hoping grape ape is it. I’ve grown gdp, gods gift and purple punch and none were purple or even grape tasting. Gods gift and purple punch taste eerily similar imo.

Fruity pebbles speaks for itself I mean I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it. Can’t wait to open a jar and smell Kellogg fruity pebbles.

Saving these for next fall to avoid overcrowding now and the heat once this harvest is done.

There’s a few strains that I haven’t grew that I want to just because and those include skunk, amnesia haze,Durban poison, c99, silver haze, WW photo, northern lights, Bruce banner, critical purple, bubblegum photo and a few others I can’t think of off top my head like Larry and fire og. Not growing any more cookies of any sort


welcome back brother, ive been wondering where you been. excited for this grow brother


Sweet setup growmie! I am excited for you! Question, what is that black thing standing upright on my left of picture? Humidifier?

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@JayDawg space heater


Im along for the ride!!


Man that looks like a ‘dipper’ or ‘Sherman’ as we used to call them lol….:exploding_head:


Off to a great start! :sunglasses:


Hydro store didn’t have fox farm happy frog so I picked up this mendo mix

Transplanted the 3 gfog and 2 dj short blueberry and I have enough soil for one more pot so I’m going back tomorrow for the rest and more soil.


awesomeness, is this soil the equivalent to FFHF?

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ATF 6.8 from light switch my first time growing it: :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check:


That’s what I was told by the store employee

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Nice! Looks like it’s a good yielder


The autos are up and running. Now is the time to tame my urge to water them and let the pots dry a bit. Day 3 romulan haze auto

Ilgm WW auto day 4
Candy kush and afghan hawaii autos day 4


looking awesome, its hard not to water lol


The photos are doing what photos do. I’ve read a lot about dj short blueberry being difficult to grow, so far for me it’s been easy and a fast grower. Hopefully these are the real deal :pray:

Dj short blueberry 1

Dj short blueberry 2

Definitely anxious to see how these gfog turn out. Don’t see many people growing this although I’m aware of the thread that’s running about gfog. There’s just not a whole lot of them quite yet so I don’t know what to gauge yet

Gfog 1

Gfog 2

Gfog 3