Rookie's first run

Greetings to all.

I’ve been reading through this forum for the past few weeks after dropping some ‘bag’ seeds into a tray to see what I could do. I just have to say what a GREAT resource this forum is. I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time and the three girls are doing ‘ok’ for my first run (had to pull one as HE was showing the signs - not bad though 3 of 4 were females). Started them off in a home-made enclosure wrapped in foil under fluorescent lights. Before you look at the pics - I already realize that I starved them for light early so they “stretched” a bit. Recently upgraded to a 2x4x5 w/ a ViparSpectra 400w LED, small humidifier, 6" induct fan, 6" exhaust fan and homemade CO2 generators (modified the yeast/sugar/bottle/glove method) - and the plants are loving it already…

The tops are budding nicely…

The updated setup.
Ordering a second ViparSpectra today to double the light for the next run.

My order for the MixPak Autos is on it’s way per Robert.



Looking good brother!

Wow ! Looks great…love looking at the pictures…


Here’s a better shot of their first home. Germination thru week 7 they were under florescent light (~280watts) - that’s why they stretched from what I’ve been reading. My Furnace Room was a little too warm and fluctuated between 82-92 when the furnace was running (you can see the leaves were curling) - thus the move to a real tent where I can better control the temp/humidity. These were planted in a mix of Miracle Grow potting mix and peat moss, using Fox Farms w/ the CO2 generators (at first using drip lines still visable in the pic below - then switched to the bottle-glove method).

Learning as we go.

Thanks for the comments and any recommendations. We can always do better.


48hrs after the move and the plants are looking better already. The leaves are no longer curling under and they’re definitely a darker green than just two days ago. So I think I’m past my heat issues with the tent steady at 72 degrees. Also added two 65w spots without any change in temp.

A view thru the window…

I’ve got the LED 18" above highest top.

More sh*t to fix before next run:
Obtain/master the use of ph meter (understanding how to read both water and soil…)
Install Hygrometer
Install 2nd ViparSpectra
Continue to grapple with FIMMING versus TOPPING for my autos

I realize that there are mixed trains of thought on the DIY CO2 generators - as far as ppm and how much ‘good’ these really do. I just have to say that I think they made a difference in my case - and now that they are in an enclosed growing space I hope to see even more benefit.


get rid of humidifier…more danger than benefit

Thanks for the pointer.
I should have had the hygrometer installed to get a reading before putting that in there anyway. I did notice a white film on some of the leaves from the minerals/iron in the water.

Always willing to listen and learn from those who have been there before me.


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I myself tend to get overworried over bit of dry enviorment in the esrly
going but they prefer dry over moisture so to add a probable castartrophe I
rather just wait soon you will be wishing it the exact opposite…lol…but
name of the game perfect enviorment make for perfect plants…

Good looking girls

In the pic of your first setup, you can rotate the lower fixtures to their side so they don’t block your upper lights as much.


sweet suggestion. Thanks!
This will be my starter pit for my enroute autos…

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Looking nice.

@Troyza @Laurap Thanks!

@Beantownnewbie So after installing the hygrometer/therm and watching for a few days - it turns out I need to go grab a small dehumidifier… Glad I pulled then when suggested.

Tent is 52% RH @ 75 degrees…

From what I’ve read, where my plants are at in the cycle I should be down around 40-45%. OK fixable - that’s why I did this first run with bag seeds. Tops are filling in real nice. Even though I stretched the plants the 2nd and 3rd level colas are starting expanding to form one large bud. I’ll take that for this one - next run I plan to top my autos.

shemp top

Still a few weeks away but they seem to be getting more frosty every day!

Autos have yet to arrive - but the starter pit is ready and waiting. I know I can’t.


Looking really nice! but I have topped coupke autos couple times never had
much success but a smaller yeild… but I would suggest trying just one once
see the results before fimming/topping whole crop/grow…Good luck and keep
posts/ pics coming


Very cool Thanks! :sunglasses:

My next run is to be 6 plants (and I’ve read thoughts for and against it) - I’m going to try three strains of auto’s at once.
2 Blueberry
2 Northern Lights
2 Amnesia Haze

'cause it’s always nice to have options when I go to the cupboard.

Every time I search/read a post from someone that has tried topping auto’s I’m encouraged to try. @Countryboyjvd1971 seemed to have some pretty good results saying that topping only put the plant back about a week and half and I think @Rugar89 was in favor of it as well (and he jumped right into LST on his first run - way too deep for me now, I’m still learning how to keep these girls alive!!!) - sorry if I eff’d those names up, I’ve read so much that has been freely written by the great people on this board.

Solid suggestion on topping ONE auto as opposed to potentially adding risk to my all my plants and my yield. At one point I was considering topping one of each and doing a side by side (I know there are members here that have already done so).


@RookieReefer @garrigan62 did a great thread on here about topping and cloning Autos
It needs to be done early but can be done for sure I’ll try to get a link for you to the thread
@bob31 if you still around maybe you me lol you know I’m tech challenged lol
Oh and welcome to the forum bro


Here is my link: Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's - #1274 by Kapelady


Thanks @garrigan62 appreciate the help brother
Wasn’t sure if you where still around ok ow your out early in the am

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Yup, I’m up around 4:30 est every day or all night some nights



You earned me a badge as well lol thanks :+1: Will

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62
Thanks! - you guys are the b@lls! (that’s a good thing…)

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