What are these Spots

I am at the end of a grow and am seeing white spots on the larger leaves that turn brown then turn into a hole in the leaves. Do not see anything on the buds themselves. I this normal die off or do I have some type of bug infestation? Would hate to lose this late in the game but don’t want my wife to smoke something bad as am growing them for her as we I live in a state that does not have medical.


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I would do a thorough pest inspection :love_you_gesture:

If no insects under the leaves then Cal-Mag def. Just add some dolomite lime top dressing before watering. It wont fix the damaged leaves but it will get you to harvest.

thank you!!!

Did the lime work?

That’s not a calcium deficiency, resembles pest or splash burns from nutrients during top feeding. The dolomite lime is used to raise and stabilize soil PH :love_you_gesture:

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