What are these spots on my leaves?

I’ve noticed some spots on some leaves and I’m hoping someone can suggest what they might be. I water about once a week when the pot feels lighter. I fed with Grow Big and Big Bloom 2 weeks ago. I added a little bit of Big Bloom to the water last week. My light cycle is 18/6. I originally only had the blurple light, but a lot of people suggested those aren’t strong enough. I added the 125W CFL about a week ago. I rotate the plant daily to make sure it gets even light.

My initials thoughts are that it’s too close to the lights or I gave too much nutes. This is my first grow so I’m not really sure.

Could be combo of overwatering and leading to nute deficiency because of that. Didn’t catch the strain but red stems could be too much light and/ or phosphorous deficiency in some cases. Not sure if it’s me but leaves look a little swollen. Let it dry out really well, water with no nutes a couple times and keep an eye on how it responds when you water

I don’t know the strain. I was told by the person that gave it to me that it is a CBD/CBG Auto with low THC. I will try to increase the time between watering, and see if that helps. I regret using this pot now that I’ve done more research.

I haven’t watered it since my post. It seems to be getting worse. Here are some pictures from today. More orange spots and the leaves look like they’re drooping more.

Any way you can transplant it to a pot that drains better?