My Leaves are showing unfamiliar spots

This is a brand new seedling one week old. It was germinated in glass of water moved to paper towel until 3/4 inch taproot then moved to 1.5’ x 1.5" x 2" pot that you are looking at now. This is Spider Farmer Tent package 2x2x6 with SF1000 light and carbon filter inline blower additional oscillating fan. Using 50 percent light at 24 inch’s. Using Foxfarm Big Bloom every other water. I check PH and humidity of soil periodically. Does anyone see an issue with the leaf spotting and if so what can I do to fix it. Thanks for any help I am really trying hard to do what’s right I keep a very detailed log and really want to succeed at this.

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Wipe it. Does it come off? If so powdery mildew. If not maybe a burn. Did they get wet under lights?

Are you spraying them directly? Looks like hardwater spots to me. Just stop spraying them. Spray the inside of the cover instead

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Why are you using nutes? A tad early for that. Looks like water spots on leaves. Are you using a dome, covering? Your humidity is showing pretty low for seedlings. Should be 75+

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You guys nailed it all I am guilty of everything you guys guessed well done. Yes I spray leaves directly switching between distilled and distilled mixed with Big Bloom it’s a 0-0.5-0.7 food containing earthworm castings & bat guano it states to use through all 4 stages it comes with 2 other bottles that have nutes Grow Big 6-4-4 for veg state and Tiger Bloom 2-8-4 for buds & blooms. I also scraped the dome I guess to soon. I will return plant under the dome and get that humidity up. This is my very first grow and I don’t have what it takes to touch those leaves yet. They look so fragile and now that I have your opinion I’m going with water spot which I would guess will do no harm and now I don’t have to touch the plant yet which is fine with me. Thanks fellas great help.

Be careful not to overwater them. The soil looks very wet. This can kill it so be careful not to over do it.

If ya put a dome on, mist inside of dome. You want your soil to only be moist at this time. Seedlings take moisture from the humidity around them, as they are trying to develop roots. Never spray directly on leaves because the droplets will prism, or lens, intensifying heat and causing the burn spots.
My advice is to read as many posts as you can. A lot of useful information and knowledge! And sometimes you find answers to problems you didn’t realize you have, or are about to have. :wink:

Oh yeah, I would stop the nutes! What soil are you going to transplant it into? Please don’t say miracle gro! Bad for what you’re growing! Get a soil developed for your growing needs. I would recommend Fox Farms HAPPY FROG. With it you won’t have to feed nutes for at least 3-4 weeks.
Ph is also a biggie! If you don’t have a PH pen, get one! Ph of 6.5 is the sweet spot. Apera ph20 is a very reliable tester. And highly recommended on this site.

I grow seedlings all day at 40 RH

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I realize that. Just saying that a higher humidity is optimal. I also have grown with low humidity. Sometimes you can’t seem to be able to get that humidity up, without having a humidifier. I don’t. I sometimes will just run my shower for a short as it’s in close proximity to my grow.

Water ?

Update I have moved to 5 gal pot about 5 days ago. Applied some grow big nutrients during transplant through distilled water during transplant. Now I’m getting tips of leaves turning yellow. Decided to add 28 ounces of distilled water feeling I was lacking correct amount of water. Here is pic what do you think?

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Tips don’t look brown enough for nute burn. Light stress causes yellow tips. You could try raising the light a little.