What are these brown spots


Cannabis rarely grows without a blemish here or there.
I wouldnt worry unless it shows up all over


so far ive only seen it on 2 fans midway through the plant, none of the newer growth

What he said. Look like maybe just a spot of nute water splashed there. If it gets more then Iā€™d worry.

no nutes yet

soil is 40/40/20 ffof,ffhf, perlite

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Maybe just a water drop splashed there and light burned it. Keep an eye on them. It appears to be fine other than them 2 or 3 spots

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Keep a eye on it

Looks likea little water drip fell on her. Plants look good!

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Definitely keep an eye on it, also depending on age and what type of seeds I use almost the same mixture, and I start giving Cal-mag around week 3, a few weeks before I start feeding nutes. I also feed ff trio nutes aswell

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Look like water burn