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I was looking for the correct temperature range for growing blue dream indoors. Is it 65 - 75 or is it more tropical with warmer temperature?
I’m not growing a tent I’m using an insulated shed with a circulation fan and good ventilation but the temperature can still get as low as 40 deg F.


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Correct temp range for all marijuana plants are closer to 75-85F. I like to target 78-80F personally.

That’s going to be a problem, way too cold. Either need to warm the place up or use a different place or wait for warmer weather.


Good info right there ^

Is more about getting your leaf surface temperature right than exactly what ambient temp of your room is. If growing with leds most will tell you about 80f.


My second time growing gold leaf and I’m getting a slow growing weak plant just like my first one. My first one vegged for like 3 months before it popped out of the funk. I purchased a 10 pack a little over a year ago and was hoping for a better outcome. What is gold leaf finicky about?


I was just looking at your journal. Maybe a little slow recovering from some transplant shock?


Dropped another gold leaf bean just in case but here she is today. Growth rate is decent it’s just a funky looking plant


Not sure but ideally u only want about a 10 degree drop off at nite.


Welcome @markb to the forum! I’ll try to offer some help.
I use the jiffy pods. I have tried soaking seeds/ paper towel germination process before and haven’t had the best of luck getting them transferred to soil without some damage or something stunts their growth. Burned through 5 Gold Leaf seeds without success. So now I do for my cannabis seeds the same as I do for all my veggies and fruit seeds:
I soak the pods in boiled water and put the seeds in the pods when they are still pretty warm (if you pick it up without hurting yourself that’s a good temperature). I keep the pods wet with warm water, I do this by keeping them over a heat vent or warming pad. Once the seeds break the soil In the pod I add them (pod and all) to a larger vessel (solo cups) with warmed grow medium—I use Fox Farms Happy Frog—and keep them warm and with good humidity.
If it helps, It has taken some of my seeds almost two weeks to break soil and get their first baby leaves.
I have found the temperature is as important as humidity. So I think whichever way you use to get the seeds going, keep them warm as well as hydrated. I have a little setup just for baby seedlings that involves a recycled 15000 lux “happy light” and an IKEA wire shelve unit over my heat vent for starting my plants.
If you got the seeds from ILGM let them know about your germination process. It might be a bum batch. When I told them about the failure I had they hooked me Up with a new order. And I had great success with the new seeds. They stand by their products. Good luck out there :+1:t2:


People seem to struggle in general with the jiffy pods. I use a party cup with coco or seed starting mix. Just have to be sure you don’t drown the seed out. You should also not be handling your seed. Use sterile tweezers or equivalent.


I have uses peat pots with warm water starting soaking cups in it add soil soaked in warm water. Put mrs. Bean in she pops up ,i have also just put bean in 5 gallon pot her forever home and sprouted up that way got a Mentos plant in the tent now.


The gold leaf bean that I just planted was soaked for 24hrs then it went directly into the dirt. It’s tail was showing already when planted so I’m expecting a sprout anytime now. Never had problems germinating ilgm seeds yet.


I soak seeds for 24 hours in the dark and put them in a starter square with tip down. I get my seeds from ilgm and have only had one outta 30 ish not sprout. I don’t like them to break open before I put in soil. Good luck growme.


Thanks for the info. When you say don’t drown your seed are talking about over watering in the cup.

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Yes, that’s correct.


Same here. It’s going to get really cold soon

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Sorry for the confusion on my earlier post.
THIS is chocolope. I grew this last harvest and the mother (this is a seed from her) looks exactly like this so it’s not gold leaf it’s chocolope there’s no if ands or buts about it. I grew it and vividly remember it. Record straight

So this has to be gold leaf right? All I need is confirmation from any of you experienced growers that this looks like or is gold leaf. Was high as a kite blunt smoking :rofl: when I planted these so I’m sorry for the confusion


There are always genotype and phenotype variables. Unless you are running clones you can’t expect plants of the same strain to look the same. Since they could bring up geno traits from any grandparent+. Most large scale industrial operations are all clones. For a consistent product.

You don’t get the same level of consistency from seed as you do with clones. Obviously.


This is mother chocolope

Here’s a seed from mother

These are the same strain