Weird Mould-Like growth on elbow joints weakening overall plant

Hi there, I am new to growing and even newer to this forum, with that being said I hope y’all can help me diagnose my issue.
So about a week ago, an auto flower plant (that I topped, idk if it’s linked but the only plant I topped is the only one showing this problem) began showing dropping leaves and just looked overall saggy/tired. Then today I noticed that on 2 elbow joints of the plant was showing these black (thc looking) crystals that severely reduced the rigidity of the cola.

Linked are pictures of the mould? Bug eggs? Plant disease? I don’t know but hopefully one of you knows :smiley:

This is mold. Cut it off before it spreads, and spray with hydrogen peroxide to help with any residue.

Exactly what he said! Be careful about removal. Spores are airborne.

Ok thanks so much for the diagnosis! Is there any risk of the mould transferring onto some of my other plants?

Yes there is. Mold is everywhere, but it takes certain conditions for it grow.

Ok, so I shipped off the 3 affected colas, aside from that and misting the plant with hydrogen peroxide, I just have to sit tight and hope it doesn’t appear anywhere else right?