Mold growth during veg —> bloom transition. This is weird I need help identifying m

Alright this is really fudging weird. Got a GSC autoflower at week 9. She ended up sprouting with two coletyns so I got a double whammy with the ability to LST. Great looking bush. Gonna be awesome.

Back to the weird part. Growing in coco coir, RH is 60-75% (I live in a tropical climate it is what it is). And I found some Mould growing on the steam of one of my colas. No nugs in sight. They get good ventialation and I never let them get rained on.

I’ve dealt with bud rot before in the final weeks but I’ve never heard of this. Already cut the poor guy but what could this be? Any ideas???

Please refrain from the F word.

There have been a few posts lately that have had this same issue. Looks like it could be a fungal infection, or a pest infection. Cut it out, that’s the best suggestion.

Apologies. Already done. Thank you. Should I spray neem for preventative measures?

I’m not sure if any preventative, maybe hydrogen peroxide? That’s my only suggestion, I have no experience with this.