First time grow. Week 2 powder mildew? What am I doing wrong?

So this is my first attempt at growing indoors. I picked white widow auto because I’ve read they are the easiest for beginners. I am growing in a 4x2 vivosun grow kit tent with the vivosun VS 1000. I am using coco coir with perlite and bat guano. I live in the mountains of Az to cold and dry. I heat the tent to mid to upper 70s. Hard to get humidity up so I’ve been just blasting my fogger. Still only reaching 50s. 2 fans on at all times and an exhaust fan. Well I’ve felt like they are growing super slow. Some people on here have given advice and I’ve been hoping they are doing OK. But today I noticed grayish fuzz on the plants and around my fogger hose area. For one can anyone tell me if this Is what I’ve assumed. And for 2 can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? I’m almost thinking that the plants end all humidity and heat and see if these girls survive. I don’t know. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!


Ahh I see what happened that’s not powder mildew it’s the solids in the water that your humidifier/fogger is kicking into the air the lid of my humidifier gets coated with it too but it’s no danger to your plant


Yeah?? Think that’s it? Kinda making my day man. About tear that thing down tomorrow and get to disinfecting. Thanks for letting me know!

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Yeah, I second that doesn’t look like powdery mildew. I wish I had a picture of when my plant came down with some readily available but for what it’s worth, if you spot it early it’s really easy to handle in a desert climate. Just wipe the affected leaves with 3% peroxide and water (50/50) and increase airflow, lower humidity in the tent for a few days.

Also as a side note, I’m lucky if I can nail 55% RH or higher with a humidifier running 24/7 and managed some wholly smokable buds.


If you are using tap water in the fogger then that’s definitely what’s happening. If you have the ability to use distilled or RO for your fogger you won’t have that issue because there are no minerals in the water to make that happen. That’s 50% of the reason I bought my RO system off Amazon. It was like $94, I figured it would pay for itself after the first grow. Very simple to hook up as well.

You might want to clean the Humidifier with vinegar. It helps break up the solids that are in/on your machine. YouTube has simple videos on how to do it.


I dont see any powdery milldew i agree with the other person ur doin well keep it up and happy growing ,as long as u have plenty of air flow and u have fresh air coming and old air goin out u shouldnt have any problem with powdery milldew