Possible mold damage

lots of rain and humidity lately. Buds arent tightening up and have been spraying leaves for mold. This is a jack herer auto, does it look ok at 97 days?

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Doesn’t look like mold to me.

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If I look into a couple of buds they are black and soft. I got rid of one bud already, but this one is in the middle of the plant. Do the sugar leaves usually brown off early? I had a clone last year that didnt act anything like this auto from seed.

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Looks like possible mold. I’d just look inside the bud and see what you see.

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Yes there is some mold. Do I just section it out and discard, or is the whole large bud bad?

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That sucks. I had a case of bud rot not too long ago. I ended up tossing the whole main cola.

It’s like a tumor. If you cut it out and the smallest spore is left behind it will just proliferate and reinfect the nearby areas. If you cut it out, make sure you get it all.

Big difference between you and I is I am growing indoors and could correct my environment.

Good luck.

Cut out the section but be generous and err in the side of too much rather than not enough. You want to make sure you get it all or you’ll be cutting off even more in a few days

Ya not good. I’m hoping the trichomes change soon and I can take them down, section and wash with water and h2o2 before I dry.

Well I cut it down due to fear of losing it all. I had to throw out a whole cola due to mold or rot. The trichomes were just starting to cloud but still mainly clear, what am I to expect for potency?

I am now drying the plants but the buds are loose and not tight, will they tighten up after drying and curing?

Looks like worms in your flowers

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Yes, they will get tighter and smaller.

What I have been reading is that peak potency occurs in milky trichomes. However, there will always be some clear, because the plant is trying to make new ones all throughout flowering.

FWIW, I unintentionally broke off a stem with a nice bud on it about two weeks before harvest. Of course, I dried and smoked it, and it was excellent. So, no worries. You will like what you harvested.