Possible mold? PM?

Hi growers & knowers!!

Need some help with my first time in labor.

4 weeks ago I harvest 3 plants and start drying them til 10 days ago that i found some white mold (Pic 1) in two colas, so I trash them. The rest of them were stock in some jars for curing and watching for more mold.

Today I take some samples again and cant see anything with the naked eye. So I take some buds with a scope and see this white hairs in all the stems where the bud starts. (Pic 2 -3)

Anybody knows if it is mold? How long should I have to wait for knowing if its gonna grow mold or its gonna be safe??

Thanks and blessings for everyone not having this topic in their minds!

More photos…


This is after drying ?

Yes. In may 7 I harvest and saw nothing suspicious, but later in may 17 I found the mold of the first pic.
All the later photos are from today of the colas that didnt appear the mold in first place but have been drying all together in same closet. Thats why I think spores may hace stick to other colas

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Break the bud open that you suspect mold.is on and see if its gotten inside that bud


1st pic looks like bud rot setting in all down the stem.
Separate them and pull it apart like Chitty suggested. Wash up good before returning to your good buds.

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I have opened almost all of them and havent seen nothing suspicious but the same white hairs ir the stems.

Can you guys take a look with a scope maybe some pics at the stem of your buds to se if have the same. I have just get my loupe and have no more weed to scan and compare

You can wash your buds with peroxide after been dried and almost cured?

I think you are way over worried about it. If its not inside the bud ( it would def be obvious) then youre good.

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If it’s clean it’s clean. Smoke away.
I’m not sure how the bud wash process works as I haven’t ventured there.
Someone will stop by with a video but I think you do it after harvest not cure.
The top bud is the only one I see that I’d really look at, pinch off the bad and carry on :metal::green_heart: