Week by Week Super Lemon Haze Auto

Week 1: Germination/Seedling

Super Lemon Haze Autos from ILGM. Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Solo cup.

Was insane to see just the seed pop at about 8am by 10pm the green leaf started peeking through.


This is the fun part. New grow, you can almost watch them move and get bigger by day.


Week 2: She’s spending out just fine. Keeping the top soil moist with spray bottle. Since she’s growing in FFOC there’s no need for nutes (at least that what I’ve read from many growers).

Lights on 18/6 - inside tent. There’s about to be a drastic change in lighting as my photo needs to be forced to 12/12 lighting in the next few days. Not sure what the effects will be. Hope Hope Girly Poo doesn’t die.


Week 3:

This was taken toward the early part of week three and after a 24 hour dark period which I read was good for my photo plant before forcing into flower. She’s hanging in there just fine. 3 nodes. Healthy. Water only still. Ph 6.0. RO 5.94.


Week 3/Week4ish: (Topped)

So, Girly survived the dark zone. Watered to R/O as solo cup was light as a feather. Based on my research topping is not recommended for autos but darn, I’m curious. I fimm’ed the photo which was my first time doing any such training. Decided to top Girly Poo at her 4th node almost 5th. So I snipped between nodes 4-5.

No nutes. Will apply nutes around week 6 - unless I hear otherwise.

Dropping her into her final destination. A 5 gallon cloth pot tomorrow.

Uploading: IMG_6115.jpeg…


Your response disappeared. Any feedback is appreciated.

You ain’t lyin’. The grow and changes are nothing short of amazing. I hope the topping doesn’t wreck havoc on what I’ve started. Trial and error at this point. I’m still struggling with getting my humidity down within the recommended range. Seems like a struggling mostly during the day. Enjoy the weekend. It’s humid as heck where I am and a whopping 92 degrees.


I thought you just started your grow i was saying something about knocking hull off grow looking great my friend happy growing

You can freeze jugs water set them in your tent during the day

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@Reed71 Thanks for the tip. Humidity seems to be hovering around 50-60%. From what I understand and based on this lovely VPD chart, humidity should be down to about 45%. That’s the range for my photo who is now in flower.

Not sure how the auto will turn out but she’s gotta hang in there with the photos recommended conditions. I guess it was poor planning on my part. Thanks again - I’m off to try your recommendation.

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And the humidity gets worse in flower. All you can do is keep the air moving and should be ok. I will be watching. I sprouted 3 gsce 2 weeks ago. 2 days they were out of the dirt, and 2 more days they were 1" tall. Fun to watch for sure. Doing some tranplanting today.


Do you have pics on the forum? Would like to check them out. Soil or hydroponics? Thanks for your input!

Yes and soil. I will tag you in a post so you can follow if you like. I also have some bubba kush 7 weeks into flower. Will get some pics later when lights go off.

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It’s so fun to see baby mj plants and watch them grow! :grinning:

I’ve topped several autos with no problems, and I plan on continuing to do so since I like the results, especially along with some LST. Different growers top at different nodes, a popular one being above the 4th/at the 5th, which I think is what you did.

Many growers successfully have both photos and autos in the same tent. Maybe you are aware of @merlin44 @Fiz @Newt , they have done so, feel free to tag them with questions.


You rang? :wink:

Yeah, the auto/photo thing is working out nicely, but I think in the future I’m going to grow “types” together. All autos or all photos.

It’s nice to be spoiled for choice.


So, I shouldn’t have a big issue growing the auto with the photo….

The auto had about two weeks at 18/6. A 24 hour dark period. We’re at the end of week three and going strong at 12/12.



I “think” that @Newt @merlin44 @kaptain3d did the same thing.


Thanks so much for looping in the experts. I’m definitely going to view your posts. Hopefully you dont mind follow up questions.

I’ve never topped so I’m just anxious to see how this all plays out.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


I’m just going to drop a link to my current grow, my one auto one photo.

Good luck and you can holla at me any time.


In my limited experience, the autos don’t mind the light timing as much as the photos. They will flower even on a 16/8 light cycle.
I usually cater to my photoperiods planties needs first, and just feed the autos for the stage they are at. That way I get to harvest some of my autos before my photos are done, giving me more headroom for my stash selections :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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