Lemon Haze auto in 18th week

This Lemon Haze auto is no hurry to finish. She didn’t even flower until 13 weeks in. I don’t know what to think of this plant. Not a whole lot of resin showing, this is the third LH I have grown from these batch of seeds. I have her on 18/6 schedule. Emerald Harvest nutes. Scoped her today and don’t think she is ready. Her pistils are still plump and white and pale green.

Puzzled as to why this auto is taking so long.

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Brings to mind the old saying “Grandma was slow but she was OLD

Agreed it is not ready yet. If those buds fill out, you will have a haul there though…

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Didn’t flower until week 13?? What the hell? I would’ve assumed it was a photo period at week 5. Crazy but nice work regardless! How’s she doing now?

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I finally chopped her on her 19th week. She never made a lot of crystals on her sugar leaves. I think she is a dud. I can’t get anything to germinate from this seed company so won’t ever order from them again. I have her drying but figure my husband’s cousin can have the whole thing for her edible and salve thing she has going. I give her our trim. Frustrating but guess eventually you end up with a sub par plant sometimes. Right now I am on the fence on what to do as far as autos for the greenhouse grow. Time is getting away from me and the greenhouse is not in and our summer is short. I may have to tent grow photos.

Thinking back, she may be over 20 weeks when I chopped her.

Any final product pictures? Curious to see what she turned out like.

I should have taken a photo when I chopped it. The fan leaves were yellowed. My digital microscope quit charging so I couldn’t scope it but previous scoping was showing cloudy trichomes. The buds are light and fluffy, and I know this is a sativa leaner, but the other Lemon Haze I grew this winter from same batch of seeds had nice buds.

We have been killing ourselves getting a garden in and having to replace 19 pine trees the leaf tip moths destroyed, so all I did was chop and hang. Didn’t pluck the leaves yet.

Interesting you got light and fluffy buds. I did too…Here’s my post about it.

Did you have not much odor as well? Mine came out smelling like hay…still curing hoping the good smell returns. I believe I chopped too soon but your leaves are all yellow so it looks like you chopped at the right time.

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It didn’t seem to have much odor, but the second COVID vaccination made us super sick, and either we had COVID or it mimicked it really well as we still can’t smell or taste, and am forcing ourselves to just eat with no appetite. And that is two people who are athletes, bodybuilder and a long distance runner/bodybuilder (me). We aren’t eating enough to fuel what we do, including gardening. But that little whine said, it never really smelled at all. It would have been a great salad green plant!

As I sit here sorting seeds and making that painful decision of whom I am going to be married to for the next few months with fingers crossed for a good harvest…I am thinking to not even bother with the Lemon Haze auto seeds I have.

These are the autos I have: Granddaddy Purple, Blue Amnesia, BlueBerry X Big Bud, and the LH. I can legally grow 12 personal plants. I already have the two Purple Haze photo seedlings. I have a four pot and eight pot AutoPot system. The painful decision is whether to even try any more photos this late in the game. Greenhouse should arrive later part of next week, then we have a greenhouse to assemble. I am feeling the time crunch big time.

Where’d you get the seeds from? I got some from ILGM. My two fluffy buds were from there. I just planted northern lights from SeedsMan about 2 weeks ago. Hope to have better results. Hoping it’s the seed provider.

PS - I got knocked out from the 2nd dose too. Never had chills like that before. Glad it’s over.

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We took Moderna. Four days of feeling like the flu. It has been since April 10th. We started weekly B12 shots last week and that helped but this has really kicked me rear end.

Most are ILGM. The ones from HGC, and I hate to even mention them as they are such a cheerful group, don’t have near the germination rate and the seeds seem inferior, which was the Lemon Haze. I grew BlueberryXBigBud for third grow and it did okay but 50/50 germination rate. Blue Amnesia is from there. Looking at Crop King but my husband said, “grow what you have for now.” Lol

I put out BlueberryXBigBud (B4 to us), GDP, and Blue Amnesia. Four of each. Then will put the two Purple Haze photos in a 25 gallon fabric pot each of FF Ocean for greenhouse. Those are year old ILGM seeds and best looking seedlings to date. I put the seeds near the magic mushroom grow to stay warm. We are cold here, still. Only hit 50 today and dark and drizzly. We will still have days of high in 50s in June, then a short summer and a brutal near 70 degree overnight drop in temps with no previous freeze common late Sept/early Oct. So, I certainly have some challenges with growing outside or even greenhouse (new to us as we have never tried a greenhouse for anything.)

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Lol sorry for all the questions. Thank you for your patience haha. So I gotta ask now about the ‘magic mushroom grow.’ Wife and I have been talking about that for years now. Did you buy a kit or put it all together yourself?

I guess I was wrong to jump the gun and blame the ILGM seeds. I was just so disappointed in my last grow. Ah well, live and learn :slight_smile:

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Oh hey, no worries at all about the questions.

The mushroom grow. Comparing mushroom growing to cannabis growing is like comparing a kindergartner growing a sunflower seed with Matt Damon on Mars trying to grow potatoes out of… :laughing: It has been a humbling six plus months of failure and good deal of money to blow. But I think I am finally close to some success. I did eek out a total of 46 wet grams for a couple of trips. A 26 gram fun trip for me and then my husband was having a super down time and wanted to kill depression with a sledge hammer and took 20 grams fresh for quite the ride but it worked for him. We are excited to get a crop in soon. I am excited for him to have a fun trip and not have his only trip what most people would call ‘bad’ but has been super instrumental in opening his memory up and starting the healing process of being abandoned at birth and then placed in an entirely inappropriate family. The healing for both of us has been phenomenal. My therapist, who is now my friend, and got me when I was catatonic with severe PTSD and seen what therapy, EMDR, and several mushroom trips has done for me, has been so supportive and loves the idea of the mushrooms. She is starting a neurofeedback clinic in Lufkin, Tx and this therapy works very much like psilocybin. It has been fascinating to study and learn to grow. I learned I cannot play it as fast and loose as I might with my cannabis. They do not tolerate mistakes well. I liken cannabis as the dog and psilocybin as the cat. A dog wants to please and is excited to be your friend and do whatever you want and excel and will forgive you for just about any mistake you make. A mushroom is a big middle finger to you and good luck chuck on getting one on board but, oh, when you do, it is so well worth the time and patience you had to gain to figure it all out.

It is certainly cheaper than cannabis. Syringes run $17-35 range. I figured out, so far, that popcorn TEK I make, and then BoomR bag substrate to fruit in a monotub may well be success. My BRF Tek was so so and wasn’t the right kind. I failed at grain spawn. I spent too much on premade kits that people can make for a 100th of the cost. The Martha Tent became the seedling tent. The 5x5 gorilla grow tent will become the mushroom tent and then cannabis goes to the greenhouse until the metal shop for the production grow is built next year. I am so bound and determined to make this work with mushrooms that I am willing to try whatever it takes. I want to grow the edible Lion’s Mane, oysters, and medicinal ones, too.

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Wow, it sounds like it certainly has helped you guys out. Very cool that your therapist is good with it too. I’ve made so many mistakes with my plants and you’re right, they are extremely forgiving. I like your analogy of the dog vs the cat lol. I feel like I’ll need to do a lot more reading before I dive into this but thank you so much for sharing your experience with me! I always thought you put the syringe in some dirt, throw it in a closet and watch it grow lol. Good to know there’s a lot more to it than that. Good luck with trying to get the greenhouse up and running! I look forward to reading your future updates!

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If you are our son you can! At least he did that when he lived in Arkansas. Not here. Our relative humidity has been 5%. I guess if I lived anywhere on earth I would want to live in the middle of or as near as possible to the Hoh Rainforest in Washington. Imagine the possibilities! (I have spent my lifetime in desert or harsh environs and I crave soft rain and constant green. Or both at the same time is fine with me.) If you guys have not watched it yet, watch Fantastic Fungi documentary. It is breathtaking videography but even better, incredible information on the healing properties of mushrooms.