Week by Week Super Lemon Haze Auto

Oh, for sure autos will flower regardless of light cycle. Many auto growers are concerned about how much, as in maxing out light schedules, to give autos. Some do 24 hours of light, lol, a common light schedule for autos is 18/6. Thus, many growers wonder if 12 hours of light is enough for autos. Sure seems that it is. One article I recently read from a well-known breeder says that auto buds turn out smaller on a 12/12 cycle. :person_shrugging: Not sure, or how much smaller, if true lol.

Like you wrote, Kap, photo plants’ needs come first. Autos do fine, and likely autos are supplemental plants for most photo growers, so maybe how much does it matter, anyway, to the degree that maybe buds might be smaller on a 12/12. :person_shrugging:

Due to summer heat and my convenience, I’ve cut down on my auto’s light schedule, especially later in flower. It’s on a 16/8 schedule now, and I’ll be reducing it over the weekend, with higher heat this week and my plant being nearly done. All seems fine to me. :grin: Think I’ll permanently go to a max of 16.5/7.5 light schedule. Cuz it’s more convenient for ME. :smirk: :crazy_face:

Not at all! If I don’t have answers, I can always tag my growmies. :grinning:


I have no idea if that’s possible to actually prove. Since cloning autos isn’t really a thing (it can be done, but you get a mini plant) you can’t raise two identical plants. We know each seed has its own genetic code, so within types you’re always going to get some variation.

Jenny the auto is on the same 12/12 as her photo sister - and she looks to be an average size auto. She’s not setting the world on fire with her bud size, but she’ll be decent.

I decided next time I’m going to raise two photos of the same strain, those should be on a similar schedule and have similar feeding needs. Jenny is a bit POed at the nutes I brewed up with Ellie in mind - the CM appears to be extra hungry.


Oops, here’s where I’m hijacking @Moringa’s journal - sorry about that growmie.

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:100: There can be a fair amount of assumptions in the autoflower world.


In a lot of the growing world, actually. :wink: But yanno, former science teacher and all, I know what an experiment actually is. Or should be.


I grow my autos (generally) in my veg tent on 18/6. So mine are in different tents. But you can certainly run them together.