Week 6 of flowering DWC Amnesia Haze 🤯


First time DWC…So I am growing the same strain, is long and lanky the norm? and were your centers of leaves super light green as a seedling?

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@Clanger that look is normal man, and welcome to ILGM forum!



17 days DWC

Question… Do you use microbe nutrients? and if so do your roots turn the color of the nutrients? I recently started adding microbe nutes to my DWC and the roots have changed color.

Im using jacks 3 2 1 … my roots are white …

1606765772809 day 19 for dwc

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roots in jacks 321

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I’m just using flora gro trio and calimag in purified water and I change it every week

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Is that day 19 from seed or sprout

Yes and this pic it will be 4 weeks on Wednesday