DWC indoor White Widow auto: inputs on flowering stage

Hi, 1st grow ever, and wanted to check with you guys, how long , roughly , it will take before harvest. The plant is around 4-5 weeks into flowering, total 10 weeks.

  • White Widow auto-flowering seed from ILGM
  • MARS Hydro Led Grow Light 300W
  • 16"x24"x60”indoor panda film tent
  • 3.5 gal bucket with 4" airstone
  • FoxFarm at ~2/3 strength on week 10 (up to week 9 it was half strength)
  • RO Water + Cal-mag + hydroguard
  • PH typically between 5.3 and 6 - PPM between 350–600 (toward end of week before reservoir change)
    *Change reservoir once a week and daily refill with light nute ro water

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Looks like she has a way to go. Month give or take, but just a guess.


Hi, me again. Wanted to check how far I am.
I tried to snap a picture with a phone snap-on magnifier but results are not that great.
Anyway, if you have any suggestions. This is the 12th week. Not sure if I should start flushing or still going with fertilizers…any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

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Can you get some trich pics of the buds? Those look like pics of leaves, they will ripen faster and not really what you’re concerned about.

Ah! OK will do . Thanks!

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Ok, I managed to snap a few pictures, but I need to do a better job.
Not sure if I see some cloudy trichs…maybe expert eyes can tell…

Also, any suggestion on when to start to flush (I’m in DWC with foxfarm)
Thanks!S20190518_009 S20190518_013 S20190518_015 S20190518_022 S20190518_035 S20190518_036 S20190518_037 S20190518_038 S20190518_040

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I would say you definitely have a few more weeks to go. I don’t really see any cloudy Trichomes and no amber.

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Thanks Noctis.
A few more pics. A few leaves are turning yellow/brown, is this expected at this stage of growth or something is going on ?
Also, if anybody as any suggestion on when to start to flush, i.e water only no nutrients.
Thanks again for all the help!


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Sorry I missed your earlier post. Leaves will start yellowing when plants finish if you are feeding in lower amounts. However, what you have looks to be more of a deficiency. I didn’t notice before, but 600ppm is pretty low for flowering in dwc. Looking at your most recent pics, it’s a little late to be worrying about fixing a deficiency in my opinion. I feel like I can see some amber there, but there’s still some clear. In your opinion, what do the rest of buds look like?

Thanks dbrn32.
I decided to chop it off, now the buds are drying up. Will see how they turn out.

I read everywhere that you shoul not go full nutes strength when in dwc with an auto-flower so I kept nutes at half strength and up to 2/3 during flowering (~750ppm)

Any recommendation for future grows is appreciated.
Picture of a freshly chopped bud:

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Hope it turns out good!

I don’t run dwc, so I’m not really sure. But generally speaking you start at a baseline and adjust for whatever feedback plants give you. Some will take a lot of nutes, others will be very sensitive.

I never go full nute strength especially with advanced nutrients. For my last grow with advanced nutrients 20ml of base nutrients gave me a slight burn. I never checked the ppm but the calculator says use 60ml. That would kill everything. Less is better imo and watch for signs of hunger. It does matter what strain you’re growing though. I’m sure some are hungrier than others. @persitidc