Looking for input, my first DWC

Hello all, I’ve just joined the group and would like to hear your opinions on my fist DWC. My experience is (old as) dirt and still wet behind the ears with hydro.
I’m using GH flora tried at 3/5 strength under a 200 watt (actual draw) led. Currently in week 7 of flower and looks good to me let me know.


Look nice and frosty. Still have a long way to go. I’d say 3-4 weeks. Lots of white pistils stil.


Well if you want a better high take them when they are cloudy! If you want stony weed let them go. You are still going to cure them so they will get better!

Let those young ladies grow up completely… they have at least a few weeks left. Spend that time researching and reading about how to judge when to harvest and what you should/can do in the time period leading up to harvest, et al. The research is optional, but it will make you a better farmer and give you something to do besides sitting in front of your beautiful girls hollering, “Hurry uuuuuuuuuuppp!!” :wink:


Not not much of a fan of amber trics either

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Definitely not ready yet. Looks good comment was a ‘in general’ type of thing. This is my first hydro grow and I was blown away by how it’s been going. Thought I’d mess it up.
I did have a pH Flux that gave me what I suspected as a calcium dif. So I added some cal-mag. Uploading: 20190523_192403.jpg… maybe you can see the spotting in this pic. Or this.


flowering is the most sensitive and difficult period, never let you guard down! Ph flux and nutrients locking out…we get them all . I can add nutrients every day on some plants because they are growing fast! Then there is root rot. Get a hydro guard for the roots, change the solution every week you are bound to get left over minerals and don’t guess on what’s left in ppm! Good job on the cal mg I get that a lot. Still can’t do nutrients full strength.

Gh flora-trio , hydroguard from the start and cal-mag added two weeks ago when the spotting first showed up. Sad day I lost the top of a fat cola to bud rot. Flushing and fresh mix is next. And hopefully some luck.

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Things have panned out. She is looking good and ready to flush. Oh happy days.
Thick , sticky and stanky. Yield looks like it will be good too.


Looks like its gonna be a good harvest! :smile: :herb:

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It was a good harvest 4.65 oz off one short girl.