Dwc twin grow,1 gallon grow box

Hey guys first time grower. Had a couple fail tries but I believe I got the hang of the ph and nutrients watering down. I do have root tangling that I forcefully split. Also they’re guzzling a gallon almost every 3 days Please if you see something I don’t please comment.

I put two white widow auto’s it the same hydro on my first grow and will never do it again. I didn’t know about phenotype’s in plants and they were so different it was crazy. I just harvested my faster growing one an hour ago. It was like popcorn buds and the other is still afew weeks away and has 12 -14 nice colas on it. Grew them in a closet with 2 marshydro 1000w led’s used GH liquid fertilizer, should have paid attention to the more advanced growers and not used the full amount that they have on their grow chart (one from GH). Also used GH grow farm kit and all the other fetilizers listed on the grow chart up to expert level. They say to flush with their flush chemical at the last week in their chart but when you look on the bottle it sez between transitions also. Good luck with your grow, I know I’m hooked on this as a great hobby being retired I need one. This stuff is WAY more potent than what was available years ago when I was a kid or maybe I’m not used to it. What ever it kills back pain & depression just fine.

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here’s what they look like one on left faster growing & on right slower & probably gonna be better I hope

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Those look wonderful

I feel good about them being my first grow. I hope my next an next an next are even better. I thought I had smoked pot before, after a taste of this I wonder what I was smoking? very clean & smooth buzz. At first I thought there was something with it cuz my friend & I imbibed & both got sore throats & chest inflamation. Was a bug going around & nothing more. Even got tested for Covid talk about being paranoid.

An about the pot I used, when I flushed them the drip ring kept clogging up. I would take off the drip ring & hold my fingers over the two holes on the head & blow on the air tube till it unclogged. Looked like Dizzy Gilespy blowing his horn, cheeks way out there.

sorry it wasn’t the ring it was down inside the pot, had to clerify, my head knew what I meant wanted to make sure your head did too

hello everyone im totally lost count of weeks please help.
my leaves were browning on the tips and in the nods i pruned as much as i could change the reservoir and cleaned up nicely. can someone tell give me some pointers on root rot and leaf browning