Week 6 from planting..needing help plz 1st time grower here

What do you need help with? Other than the obvious that they need to have some let performed on the because they are reaching the light.

Are these autos or regs?

I’ll tag a few other peeps but I would, honestly, just do some very gentle lst on them to try and bend the branches down to a more even canopy if it is a reg and not a photo.

Other than that she looks healthy.

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This is an autoflower bubblegum kush.

I got told not to do any kind of trimming cuz
it will stress it out?

So I just realized my paragraph did not post…am I needing to add any bloom to make buds? Or do I leave it like it is? I have never added any nutrients or anything to the soil. Been getting told conflicting things about cutting and such to make it where lights our on it.


I agree also that LST would be beneficial.
Low Stress Training (LST) is simply pulling those tallest tops over where they are level with the next highest growth. It looks to be limber enough that you can bend them pretty far.

It looks open enough that trimming is not needed.

At 6 weeks, you are right on track but she is gonna get hungrier now that it is flowering. I would suggest something lower in nitrogen and higher in phosphorous and potassium. That is the N P K of fertilizers.

Main issue. If your lights are as high as you can hang them already, you may need to LST all your branches down lower. The bud stretch will add quite a bit of height for the next few weeks.

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Ty, I’m going to Google the Lst so I do it right…it won’t snap?

I think you are to late for LST.

This is also an auto that I topped once and defoliating as needed she’s not stressed one bit


Just bend the tall ones over and tie them down. That’s what I did on some of the tall ones on my plant to keep the canopy more even.

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It won’t snap? (I’m looking forward to sum yummy buds lol) Also should I add any bloom now that it’s going to start budding? I haven’t had to add nothing as of yet.

Then what do u suggest I do for the light to hit it all over? Also should I give it any bloom since it will start to be budding? Haven’t had to give it anything as of yet.

Did u recently to it while it’s in budding mode?

No topped before flowering commenced

If in flower feed bloom nutrients

They are flexible up to a point. Even if you bend too far and it “snaps” it will most likely only “kink” and not break off. That would be “supercropping”, more extreme and higher stress but still a tool that we use.

Look up supercropping as well so you understand the process.


Ok I did it but realized I went to far. Didn’t snap just a kink like u said. But it doesn’t need tied done as it’s staying down. Should I tie down or will it stay? Also what advice can u give me on my next grow so it don’t get that high up. Plan to do jack herer auto’s next.

It will try to straighten back up. If it is kinked enough, it will stay low enough. Watch it for a week or so and tie it down if necessary.

The distance of the lights during veg is usually what causes a lot of stretch. Sometimes it’s just genetics but the light distance can usually be adjusted for denser growth.

I got jack herer autos going into week 6 from Germination. Ilgm seeds i only got 50/50 Germination. They seem finicky, humidity is key. Only about a foot tall hoping for the stretch to fill it in

Can I see a pic