Advice please new grower

Week six Autoflower gorilla glue and girls got cookies. And I was wondering Should I try and do some pruning or just let them be at this point. This is my 1st grow ever

So any advice would be greatly appreciated


Uh yeah I think I’d get in there and clear out some jungle

Ima a noob tho so wait for people who know actual stuffs

I’m wondering if it’s not too late for some lst on them, get them shaped

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Personally I’d get rid of the XXL fan leafs to increase air flow. Helps avoid powdery mildew. Never remove more than 25-30% of them at a time.

Definitely watch a video on low stress training. Helps increase the bud you will get.

We see results in 24hrs from tying the main shoot down at like 90 degrees. The łower shoots will grow rapidly towards the top!

Happy gardening!


Stand above, looking down into the plant, open up to get light into the plant. Those lower fans can come out, actually I would remove several of the fans. But not all! Those fans are like solar panels. Convert light to usable plant energy.


If it shades buds I’d take it, if it doesn’t I wouldn’t.


As @Underthestairs said, take the ones shading your underlying bud sites. Then tie the main down and side branches using some soft tie wire. This will spread her out and keep the middle open for light penetration and air movement. Particularly the large fan leaves around the bottom. Other than that they look health. With auto you want to make sure you do this now and tuck those leaves during flower. Autos mature fast and need that flowering time with no stress other than keeping your main and sides adjusted with the tie downs.


Congratulations very nice ! It would be good to start by cleaning up around the top of the pot by taking some of the leafs off the bottom of the plant. That will make it easier to water and feed. Also good for the plant, little better airflow. :+1::v: