Look how bushy! Any advice, gorilla glue auto

Hey guys just wanted to show you my gorilla glue auto growing in super soil. Seems like is going to be a bushy one and going to do some training in the future . Any tips or advice are very well appreciated, thanks!!!:wink:


Keep rollin, shes gorgeous.


Looking good!


Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little bush!


Beautiful plant!! Looks bushier than ours… I am trying to post some photos of my gorilla glue auto plants and cannot figure out how to navigate this website and post a picture :roll_eyes:

@eddy360 looking nice. I would look to start LST and she will really be a beast!

@Kas1962 Welcome to the forum. You need to invest some time reading and using your likes to get more freedom to start a thread/ topic.

Hey thanks for your reply!! May I ask (I’m new to growing this is our second grow) what is LST??
Thanks in advance for any help!!

Lst is low stress training. Bending limbs into other positions and securing them down, usually with the goal of creating a more even canopy with more “tops.”


Watch some youtube videos on “LST.” You’ll get the idea. It’s gonna get MUCH more bush than that. I have GG autos and had to trim them twice so far. (into flower now) Don’t cut anything yet but you might want to look into low stress training. You can even top them at this point if you want. You can wait a little longer on that too.

Hey @Kas1962 Looks like :point_up_2:t3: got you covered.

Having tech issues.

I learned LST the hard way as I ran out of height 3 weeks into flowering on the first grow and had to bend the tallest stems. I’m on grow 2 and started training early on. One plant; she is a beast. Takes up the entire grow space 2x2.

Best of luck. Keep posted.

Thanks fir your post love seeing how others plants are and any advice there is…You’re absolutely right you really have to do LST early on. We bent and fixed the stems and took out those huge fans blocking light …
She’s got a lot of buds popping out every where!!
It’s pretty exciting! Our second grow and we are learning along the way :blush::v:t3: