Should I top and LST?

This is a gorilla glue auto on day 22 from breaking ground. I tied it down this morning, and this pic is right now. Should I top it too, or just let it do it’s thing from here? I always do photos, so not real familiar with growing autos.


Just treat it like you would a photo after the flip. Personally, I would probably top it then LST as it grows.


With @HMGRWN on topping 1st then tie the sides down. Here’s an Ak47 auto at 21 days above ground after the 1st topping in a

5 days later


Let it do its thing from here and get to know how she grows. If you got more auto seeds then next time consider topping around this time before lst. I top my autos around week 3. I nip the tip usually around the 6th set coming in. They bounce back pretty quick imo. I usually start training the branches just a few days later. I’ll take the lowest laterals off and clone those. Giving me 2,3,4,5 laterals to start training.
Im growing a gorilla glue too and she took like 6 weeks or so until she started to flower.
Yours looks happy and healthy btw.

That sounds like a plan. I’ve got 4 more seeds, so next time that’s what I’ll do. I decided to do this auto outside as a novelty. I also started an OG kush photo indoors.

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