Week 6 flower,leaves burning?

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 5 gallon airpot

, promix hp, 1tsp of maxigrow and 2.5 ml of calimagic per gallon. drinking 2 gallons a day but last week was on vacation and someone could only get over every other day.


Strain is cannatonic. Also looks like I’m having foxtail issues or is this just the way its development is headed?

I also see some foxtailing. It’s hard to see anything else with the yellow lighting.

I’ll take some better pictures when the lights go out tonight. it had started to lose some of lower leaves a couple weeks ago but that was normal now more a browning on the tips and edges. All the leaves towards to top are all normal. I’m gonna up the calimagic for the hell of it I guess. I also just started using crystal burst last week but this has been happening since before I started. I’m thinking it heat related because the tent was close to 100 some days till I got more ventilation going.

Your soil should go from soked to dry before you water again yo are giving it to much water it builds up in the soil and you should only feed it once a month and water every 3 to 4 days a sing of to much water is yellow sucker leaves that are not dry to much feed leaves turn moer ornge than yellow and are brittle under water sucker leaves provide water and dry up and fall off

It’s been fed maxigrow and maxibloom its entire life everytime I water drain to waste. I’m using promix hp so it’s not technically soil. I checked the ppm coming out tonight it was 1700 and I’ve been feeding her 1000-1100 ppm. I’m gonna do pure water tomorrow and check the run off.

@Vtdubbs @MidwestGuy. Lights off pictures.

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How far from harvest? It looks like she may be almost done and is focused on ripening the flowers.

It says 10 weeks online so supposed to be 4 weeks go.

I talked to a friend he seems to think it’s normal for this phase. The plant starts dropping some leaves so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Totally agree with Vtdubbs you are watering too much as well as feeding too much. Also, cannot tell what size “bucket” you are in. Good luck!!

I’m using promix hp and shes been drinking over a gallon a day. I pour 2 gallons daily and get maybe a 1/4 gallon out the bottom. Its similar to growing in coco, do people not feed everyday. So much contradictory information.

I flushed the plant with 4 gallons of ph6.0 water. Gonna dial the nutrients back a bit I guess.

Flushed again last night seems to have stopped the problem.