Weed journal from Aotearoa

Just put my seeds in some water for the night, then in some damp paper towels.

Will be growing
Gorilla glue
Blue dream
Mk ultra

Will be growen outside when big enough, photos at a later date.

Been looking forward to growing since the last harvest.


@anon78295680 - Good Luck and Happy Growing !!! :heart_eyes: This so called “Hobby” can be quite addictive , I love GROWING :herb:



Good luck , we’ll be watching . @MBgrower Yup , I’m Hooked. !!!


Im watching as well. Quick question tho… outside? Isnt it a bit late in the season to be starting up?


It’s just starting to be spring where I am from, nice blue skies today :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Two of the three seed have a tail atm, just waiting for the gorilla glue

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All have tails and now planted in pots ! Thanks ilgm for the great seeds!

Mk ultra sprout


@PurpNGold74. I didn’t want to hyjack the other thread

Lol it definitely happens. Ive hijackd many a thread accidentally. Happy u pulld me out. What was we talking about? LoL

Abit leggy as not using lights, nice warm spring days here which will help, stupidly over watered one but is recovering atm .

Anyone know why those bottem leaves dropped like that? I did over water one time but it recoverd got home after work to find it like that, has seemed to have recovered a lil bit

My other two look Algud.

Your medium looks like it could have used more perlite. It isnt draining super well so will overwater VERY easily. When u transplant I recommend adding 25-35% perlite to the new soil. Helps prevent overwatering. Which is my only idea why the droop. How she lookin?

@PurpNGold74 I used a diff soil medium this year as in vegetable mix I got from the shop , I usually use tomato mix . Do you recon when it’s ready to transplant put in bigger pot with more perlite ? Or in the ground mixed with perlite?

I was thinking of putting straight in ground after they out grew these pots to avoid transplanting too often.

Are those 1 gall? Or just seed starter trays? Look at the holes in bottom. Can u see roots? It maybe time. If its early it wont hurt anyway transplant into more aerated soil. The one you are using sounds like it maybe solid. Just add some perlite to it before u transplant. 1 pt perlite to 3 pts soil minimum.

Only the blue dream I can see roots in the bottom and that’s just a few, the one in question nothing there atm, I’m not sure wat size the pot is tbh , would u put these outside in ground at this age? Or bigger pot?

Was thinking cause they get better light outside as they stretching where they are


Take them outside a couple hours a day. Maybe 3 in the morning 3 in the evening. In a couple days move up to 4 and 4. But be weary. Daylight hours are shortening extremely fast this part of the year

The day light hours are getting longer here , will do the 4 hours a day trick and extend it slowly. :+1:t6:

I allllways forget. America isnt the only place in the world :man_facepalming:t5: Like out seasons are the be all end all. My bad bro. N howd she do the first day?

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Lol algud bro, I put outside yesterday for four hours as you suggested at lunchtime and they stood all happy , think they loved it. Not outside today tho as it’s pissing down atm