Heavy Hitters Mixpack grow (Goldleaf as well)

Hey Hi HEllo, im new here…uh but this is my 4th indoor cycle for me, not too sure if anyone will be interested but if so i will continue to follow all this

Just popped some seeds directly in soil on 5/11, today (5/13) 3/4 strains are all sprouting, the blue dream was first, mk ultra second, and gorilla glue third. Gold leaf: still no signs…(yet).

Looking at the blue dream sprout, i see some purple on her, could this be a sign of the purple pheno? just curious as ive never seen purple on a sprout like this before, also excited to get some color in my tent!


Did straight to soil with SD and Bergman’s GL autos. Mine were day 3. The GL grows like a beast and loves the LST. Good luck on the grow. I’ll follow along… Not sure on the purple.

Welcome to the community. :+1:

Good luck with the grow

Following. Good luck!

I just started my first grow. I’m LSTing a black widow now. She’s 37 days old. I also popped a Sour Diesel Auto about a week ago. Feel free to follow!

Nifty word play with the name, nice! Good luck on the grow, I grew GL twice you’ll like it very much. Welcome to the site :grin: hope ya make yourself at home and stick around. Keep a cool log and being on your 4th grow now ya can check out the site, trade secrets and enjoy. Plenty of ppl.just dropping seeds for the first time need advice. Best of.luck ttyl

Thanks my guy, i will follow along with yours as well!

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@ross-tafarian welcome to the group. The purple is interesting but a little early to tell. What soil are you using? That might have more to say about the color. But in hydro I haven’t ever seen that color this early. I usually see a little red showing in the second or third set of leaves that will tell me if she will turn colors as she matures.
My gold leaf girls usually take an extra day to sprout, but by the end they are usually some really wide girls. Take well to topping and all sorts of fun bondage. I been thinking about picking up a blue dream, and probably a few more… gotta collect them all… lol

@ItsPat Thanks guy, so for my setup i use a bag of cocoloco and a bag of worm castings, i like to keep things real simple… My veg tent is a 3x3 i have split in half

(Veg on left, Flower Right)

…so the top half of my veg tent i keep a small 2’ 4 bulb T5 6500K for cloning and seedlings, under that i have (two) 4’, 4 bulb T5 6500k for my veg side of things.

My flower tent is a 2x4 hydropolis, im running a Photobio T S4 spectrum led (http://photobioled.com/Technology/PHOTOBIO-T) for my lighting which i have been EXTREMELY pleased with so far… I cant seem to find anybody else anywhere online using this light for growing so far but i bought it off a recommendation and couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase… was a bit expensive but totally worth it… oh did i mention the light is oh so nice.

Thanks everyone for their interest and response, if anyone got any questions or anything have at it, i think i may stick with weekly updates or so on the grow, but we will see as it goes…

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Looks good man, let us know when the smoke is ready!

Nice setup! I thought of going that route with the split tent.

Gold leaf is showing herself this morning… tap root up so i took a skewer and flipped her right.

All four ladies are now in action… very pleased with the germination process as of yet!

keep ya posted!

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It’s funny how often they do that. Looks like a pretty good ratio so far… :mask:

You only need a small tent to veg, focus on the flowering side.

@Member420 yesir i went with a “cheaper” 3x3 for my veg side because half the time i leave it unzipped during the day to allow airflow, i spent much more on my flowering tent as it is bigger and a higher build quality, nice quality zippers and zero light leaks on the seams…so you get what you pay for with the tents for sure, you just need to determine how you are going to use it…but yes, the flowering side is where its at!

all the ladies doin their thing…

Haven’t been able to post picpictures on my computer lately…but this is where they stand…


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