First Grow - Gold Leaf, Blue Dream, Skywatcher OG

Hi, very new to this and jumped right in. I’m working on Feminized Gold Leaf, Blue Dream, and Skywalker OG babies.

I’m using “A Pot For Pot” materials and first saw sprouts 7 days ago with peat pellets. I started initially growing in a closet using smaller lights - image|666x500

A couple days ago I moved the small pots to the grow tent where they are now under a bigger light (300W) and in a better environment - 75 F and 50% RH. I’ve only been using bottled water and am trying not to over water. Here is what they look like after a week since poking through the top of peat pellet

One thing to note is that I’ve been leaving the lights on 24/7 and was planning to move to an 18/6 cycle once the pellets are transplanted to the 5 gallon fabric pots that are ready and waiting.

Any advice for my grow based on what I’ve described and what you see here? I’m honestly worried about how the Blue Dream plant is progressing as it is very small compared to the others.


Looks good to me man, im sure itll catch up, that gold leaf is just a monster for that many days haha.

Interested to see how they go man.
Setup looks nice and clean too, you should have a good grow.


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Welcome to the forum :blush:
I’m set to watch I have gold leaf seeds I’m yet to try down the future :blush: I think your blue dream is looking pretty good for 6 days Old it looks better than my 4 week old ones :laughing: hahah
Happy growing!!


Yep looking good there quick growth you got going on!

My gold leaf at 6 days since poking it’s head out :seedling:


Welcome to the community ! set to watch you’re off to a great start.

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Welcome to the forum. Im new here myself. Everyone seems super friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely be watching this grow. Good luck!


Welcome to the community. :+1:


Thank you everyone! I pulled out the peat pellets today and I think I see roots emerging. Is it time to transplant the Gold Leaf and potentially the Skywalker seedlings?

Do I leave the pellet wrapper on? Pot for pot says Yes, ILGM bible says No? :man_shrugging:t3:


I carefully removed the lining from mine because I’ve heard that sometimes the roots have trouble growing through it properly. I dont know for sure but it came off so easily that I figured as long as I don’t damage the roots, then I might as well remove it!


I used jiffy pots for my current grow and i left them all on, did consider trying to remove just the bottom section but my plants are all good, 9 out of 10 are great and the 1 which is a bit ugly was ugly from the get go.

The roots have came through and are trying to escape my pots just 18 days after transfer.


Thank you!!! Do you think they’re ready for transfer?

Blue dream not quite but the other two deffently are, i transfered mine when they looked the same as your skywalker OG youve got there.


@MattyBear any tips or advice would be much appreciated!!!

(pellet wrapper, leaving it on…) IMO NO, I use these with my gardening stuff and they always hold back roots in my garden, I stopped using them, they say they will break down and your roots will over power them, dont believe that, and it hurts your hearts to rip those off your roots, so if yout think youll hurt them more by taking them off than antyhing Id keep them on, but from experience with veggies they suck and hurt my crop bad.

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Thank you, working on it right now!!!

Transplanted the Gold Leaf and Skywalker babies today - carefully removed the pellet wrapper to allow the roots to grow unimpeded. Blue Dream still needs time in the pellet.


Hello rygrowguy,
I am a new grower and also have started with ILGM gold leaf. So far so good. Great start. girls look just magic.


Transferred the Blue Dream seedling today. The roots were growing out of the pellet wrapper so I thought it was time. In removing the pellet wrapper the bottom half of the peat fell off! I put it back together and quickly planted it in the fabric pot. I hope it survives okay!!!

Can often happen with the first set of real leaves that come through, maybe you need to up the feed?

Happened to mine aswell just after the 3rd week and i pulled off the badly yellowed ones and measured the run off and it was really low. So i’ve upped the dose and they look nicer already.

Lots of people with coco try not to water straight onto the stem, but insteed a little bit away from it to encourage the roots to grow in search of the water - ive never added a dripper like that so i cant say from personal experience though.

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Week 4 Update:
The automatic watering did not work out. It ended up watering too often and too much. I’ve pulled the dripper out and held off on watering for a few days now to let the soil dry out and give the plants a chance to recover. I plan to water and feed them tomorrow with Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, and Bloom.

Also, I’m not feeling like the light is powerful enough for 3 plants at once (300W LED). I’ve got a 1,200W LED replacement on order which will arrive next week.

The Gold Leaf plant has really taken off over the last week! Check out the growth that’s occurred in just 6 days! I’m super excited about how it’s turning out.

6 days ago:


Skywalker OG is coming along and I think the leaves should spread out and start looking like cannabis leaves within the next couple days.

Blue Dream is still small and growing slowly. Hopefully the Advanced Nutrients will help? Really not sure what to make of this plant compared with the others? I was looking forward to growing a sativa dominant strain but it just seems like it’s struggled from the beginning compared to the other plants. Will it take off and come into its own soon? Or is it just going to be a “runt” of the litter?

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